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"1909" An Important Year in Exploration

AMUNDSEN, Roald Postcard, postmarked New York, December 1909, filled out in Amundsen’s hand to a Mrs. Alice Gade in Illinois. SOLD

One of the Top Scoring Japanese Ace's of WWII

ANABUKI, Satoshi Photograph, appx. 3”x4”, B&W, of Anabuki sitting in the cockpit of his plane wearing his hat and goggles. Very boldly signed in English on the lower light area of the plane. Anabuki’s signature is scarce in any form and signed photos are highly desirable. Together with a list of the top-scoring pilots of the Japanese Army Air Force during WWII. In fine condition $250.00


Scientific Observer on the Hiroshima Mission

AGNEW, Harold Using a black ink Sharpie pen, Agnew has drawn the bomb blast over Hiroshima as he remembers it. Signed in full. Overall size, 8”x10”. $67.50

Rare Full Sheet of Souvenir Atomic bombs end WWII Postage Stamps

ATOMIC BOMBS END WWII Full sheet of stamps (36 stamps) produced by Mid Coast Marketing.  This is the only commemorative stamp ever rescinded by the U.S. Postal Service. The announcement was made public by The White House on December 7, 1994 exactly 53 years to the day after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. $95.00

ATOMIC BOMBS END WWII Large size brown envelope mailed from Mid Coast Marketing (1995). Affixed to the envelope are three stamps (one illegal).  A One Dollar U.S. Postage Stamp and a U.S.32 cent postage stamp cancelled Columbus, Ohio Sept 11, 1995.  Alongside these stamps is a Atomic Bombs end WWII stamp which was rescinded by the U.S. Postal Service.  It is not a legal stamp yet was used and cancelled by the U.S. Postal Service. $17.50

BESER, Jacob Stunning photograph, 8”x10”, B&W of the Enola Gay with Beser (full length) dressed in his flight jacket and hat, On the light portion of the runway, Beser has signed his name. $75.00

BESER, Jacob Collectors engraved card with his name imprinted along with, Hiroshima, Nagasaki August, 1945. Hand signed by Jacob Beser. $22.50

BUSH, Vannevar Choice Edgar Lee Masters FDC, affixed are two Masters US 6 cent stamps cancelled Aug. 22, 1970. Hand signed by Vannevar Bush. $60.00

Rare Cover Byrd’s First Antarctic Expedition

BYRD, Richard ECachet of a head and shoulders pose of Admiral Byrd. A Massachusetts Bay Colony US 2-cent postage stamp cancelled S.S. New York JUN 19,1930. The U.S.S. New York was Byrd’s supply ship. In addition is a rubber stamp of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition. On the verso is a rubber stamp of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Official Dedication by Rear Admiral Richard Byrd of Floyd Bennett Municipal Airport June 28, 1930. $950.00

Byrd Returns to Little America

BYRD, Richard E. This cover celebrates the “Byrd Antarctic Expedition II, Little America], Antarctica Second Cancellation Mail,” with a stamped official cachet of a penguin handing a piece of mail to another. In addition, there is a fine portrait, close-up face of Byrd at the left, hand signed by Byrd next to his portrait. Below Byrd’s signature, as usual on these covers, someone has written the location as “Little America, 2/2/35”, and there is a pencil address for the “Byrd Antarctic Exp. II, Washington, D.C.” Affixed is a U.S. 3-cent Byrd Antarctic Expedition II postage stamp cancelled at Little America, JAN 30, 1935.  $775.00

Byrd Returns Home from Little America

BYRD, Richard E. This cover celebrates “Byrd’s Second Antarctic Expedition” with a cachet of Byrd’s Antarctic ship at Little America, hand signed by Byrd  to the right of the cachet. Affixed is a U.S. 3-cent Byrd Antarctic Expedition II postage stamp cancelled Washington, DC Mar 5,1935. $495.00

BYRD, Richard E. His bank check on the Farmers & Merchants National Bank & Trust Co.  Winchester, VA. Jan. 30, 1932 made payable to Nellie L. McGuire for forty-one dollars and 75 cents. Signed “R.E. Byrd.” Bank rubber stamp not touching Byrd’s fine signature. $165.00

BYRD, Richard E.Typescript from his book regarding his approach to the South Pole. Seventeen lines describing what he did as he approached the Pole, his radio message, dropping the flag and his thoughts. Quite unusual, the first we have seen. Together with a B&W, 8”x10” photo half length pose of Byrd in uniform. SOLD

CARON, George R. Collectors engraved card with his name imprinted along with Hiroshima, August 1945.  This card has been hand signed by George Caron. $25.00

CARON, George R. His check, Bank Western, June 27, 1985 made payable to his dentist Ellice K. Goldberg for $50.00. Signed: “George R. Caron.” . $47.50

CARON, George R. Printed letter hand signed. States he is currently on the flight crew of the last regularly flying B-29 in the world which belongs to the Confederate Air Force, a museum with over 75 WWII aircraft. He goes on to selling signed photographs to help the B-29 fund. Hand signed by George R. Caron. $47.50

CARON, George R. Very scarce photograph of Caron wearing a headset looking out the window of a B-29. He writes: “A flight on our C.A.F. (Confederate Air Force), B-29- a 49 yr old plane and, at 72 it sure beats Geritol. I was reporting to the pilot the position of our B-24 that was in formation with us. There also was a B-26 on our left. George R. Caron. Tail Gunner, Enola Gay.” A very scarce signed but not inscribed photograph. $95.00

CARON, George R. Very lengthy autograph letter signed, two pages signed “George.” . $95.00

One of the 7th Greatest Flyers in the World

CHAMBERLIN, Clarence First Day Cover commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Fort Bliss. Fine cachet of Fort Bliss with soldiers firing heavy guns.  Fort Bliss 3 cent postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue. El Paso Tex NOV 5, 1948. Signed “Clarence D. Chamberlin.”. $145.00

CHICHESTER, Sir Francis Cover honoring Francis Chichester and his Round the World Voyage. Fine cachet of Chichester and his Gypsy Moth. Fine British postage stamp depicting the Gypsy Moth with a wonderful cancellation 24 JULY 1967. Boldly hand signed Francis Chichester. $69.00

Pioneer & Legend in Test Flight & Space Flights

CROSSFIELD, Scott Choice autograph letter signed, one full page, Dec. 6, 1986.  He writes: “I am not much of a philosopher but I do know why old cliches endure to be “old” cliches. My answer to your question is simply: “To thine ownself be true” and “be of service, do some good, and have some fun.” Scott Crossfield.”. SOLD

Co-Invented the Aqua Lung

COUSTEAU, Jacques Choice signature on a 4”x6” card. Together with a compliment card from the Musee oceanographique de Monaco. $185.00

DUZENBURY, Wyatt His check, Security National Bank, June 13, 1975 made payable to Food Giant for $36.70. Signed in full. SOLD

EARHART, Amelia Signed Air Mail cover, important First Flight Hourly Aeroplane Passenger Service Newark-Baltimore-Washington-Philadelphia.  Affixed is a 5 cent Theordore Roosevelt U.S. postage stamp cancelled Air Mail Field Newark, SEP 1, 1930, 6AM. Attractive ink hand signed signature of Amelia Earhart. $1850.00

First Pilot to Sink an Enemy Ship

EISENLOHR, Wolfram He sank the Russian destroyer “Stroiny” on August 27,1917.  Typed letter signed, one very full page, March 5, 1987. A full autobiographical letter beginning from WWI to the current date of 1987. $125.00

RARE Victory Cover Signed by 9 of the 12 Crew Members of the Enola Gay

ENOLA GAY A “V” Victory cover with a Iowa Jima 3 cent post stamp cancelled “Victory, VT. Sept. 2, 1945.” Hand signed by nine of the 12 crew members of the Enola Gay.  Those signing are Paul Tibbets (Pilot), Bob Lewis (Co-Pilot), Jacob Beser (Special Instruments Operator), (Thomas Ferebee (Bombardier), Theodore Van Kirk (Navigator), Richard H. Nelson (Radio Operator), George R. Caron (Tail Gunner), Morris Jepson (Electronics Specialist) and the very scarce signature of Joe A. Stiborik (Radar Operator watching for enemy aircraft). SOLD

FEREBEE, Thomas W. He has traced his right hand, the hand that dropped the atomic bomb on a 8.5”x11” sheet. He has written: “Tom Ferebee, Bombardier of Enola gay, B-29, 6 Aug.1945.  Bombardier of red Gremlin B-17, Europe- April 1942-Jan 1943.”. SOLD

Bombardier aboard the Enola Gay, Rare Lengthy ALS

FEREBEE, Tom His  Holiday Greeting card (1996) depicts an embossed  gold Christmas Wreath on the cover. On the inside panel Ferebee has written a very scarce lengthy autograph letter. $87.50

FEREBEE, Thomas W. Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, head & shoulders pose in uniform. Very boldly signed using a blue ink Sharpie Pen. $65.00

FEREBEE, Thomas W. His check, Nations Bank, April 1, 1998 made payable to Master Card for $524.55.  Signed “Thomas W. Ferebee.” $45.00

FRANKLIN, Sir John A scarce financial document , signed at Government House Hobart Town as Governor of the Island of  Van Diemen’s Land [Tansmania].  Franklin directs the Deputy Assistant Commissary General to pay from His Majesty’s Treasury. $595.00

Very Scarce Signature of Explorer Sir John Franklin

FRANKLIN, Sir John A choice full signature “John Franklin” affixed to an album page along with a steel engraved portrait (Fisher Son & Co ,London, 1830). SOLD

Achieved First Air Victory in WWII

GNYS, Sq. Ldr. Wladek Photograph of Gnys, 4”x6”, B&W, head & shoulders pose in uniform,, smiling. Signed on the lower light border. $175.00

HAWKS, Frank Scarce photograph 8”x10”, B&W, full length pose of Hawks dressed in his flight gear in 1932. He is standing in front of his Texaco plane. Boldly signed with excellent contrast. $295.00

JEPPSON, Morris Autograph note signed, on a slip from a note pad. He has written: “Best of Life for You, Morris Jepson, Weapon Test Officer, Enola Gay Mission, Hiroshima, 6 Aug. 1945.”  $45.00

JONES, Casey Scarce photograph 3.5”x5” B&W, full length pose of Jones smoking a pipe.  Signed and dated Aug, 1936. $195.00

You Can’t Make Chicken Salad out of Chicken sh-----
Very Scarce Statement of Co-Pilot Bob Lewis

LEWIS, Bob Very scarce autograph letter signed, one page to “Dear Al” dated Feb. 4, 1981. SOLD

Scarce - Signed by the Pilot and The Memphis Belle

MORGAN, Robert & POLK, Ms. Margaret  Color poster on board “The Memphis Belle Home At Last” commemorating the dedication of the Memphis Belle Pavilion, May 17, 1987. Hand signed along the bottom “Robert Morgan” and to his left hand signed “Margaret Polk, Memphis Belle”.  $450.00

NELSON, Richard H. Signature on a yellow sticky note page  $22.50

The Four Major Crew Members of Bockscar

SWEENEY, Charles, ALBURY, C.D., BEAHAN, Kermit, BESER, Jacob  Second Atomic Bomb Drop cover affixed is an 8 cent U.S. Flag Stamp cancelled Washington, August 9, 1971. Hand signed by all four adding their positions on the flight.  $125.00

SWEENEY, Charles & OLIVI, Fred Photograph of Bockscar, full length on the runway, 8”x10”, B&W.  $95.00

TIBBETS, Paul W. Very uncommon autograph letter signed , “Paul”, 1 page, April 21, 1994 to the now deceased autograph dealer Joe Fawls. Tibbets writes: “Dear Joe, A friend, George Hicks, asked me to give him some detail(s) on my experience with St. John as I wrote him explaining a few points, it dawned on me I should copy you-give you a little insight of some of the comments I have made in the past. – after reading, let me know your thoughts...” $150.00

TIBBETS, Paul W. Interesting autograph letter, dated 21 April 1994, signed “Paul” $95.00

TIBBETS, Paul W. Reflections On Hiroshima, a printed statement on yellow card stock, 8”x10”. This historical statement was made by General Tibbets, He has hand signed at the end of his statement just above his printed signature $47.50

TIBBETS, Paul W., LEWIS, Bob & BESER JacobCommemorative cover for the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. U.S. 13 cent American Flag stamp, cancelled, Washington, DC, Aug. 6, 1976.  Hand signed by Paul Tibbets (Pilot of the Enola Gay), Bob Lewis (Co-Pilot) and Jacob Beser (Special Instruments Operator). $100.00

Pilots of the Enola Gay and Bockscar

TIBBETS, Paul W. SWEENEY, Charles  US Air Mail cover postmarked Dec. 1, 1973 hand signed by Paul Tibbets and Charles W. Sweeney. Sweeney adds “Pilot, Nagasaki, 9 Aug 45.” $95.00

TIBBETS, Paul W. & FEREBEE, Thomas W. A most unusual actual photograph of the atomic bomb blast over Hiroshima, 8”x10”. hand signed by both Tibbets and Ferebee. $65.00

VAN KIRK, Theodore On an 8.5” sheet, Van Kirk has traced his hand. This is the hand that got the Enola Gay to Hiroshima and back safely.  Van Kirk has written: “Theodore J.“Dutch” Van Kirk, Navigator-Enola Gay, 6 Aug. 1945.” $95.00

BARKHORN, Gerhard A letter he most likely typed himself due to two corrections in his hand. Fulfills a request for an autographed photograph taken in 1943 when he was a member of the 52 Fighter Wing. Signed “Barkhorn". SOLD

Rare autograph letter signed, one full page, Feb 23, 1982. SOLD

Ace Credited with 9 Victories, Hitler’s Personal Pilot

BAUR, Hans Very scarce autograph letter signed, one very full page, in German, on his name imprinted stationery. 30 April 1986. Not translated $165.00

First Lady of Aviation

BEECH, Olive Ann
Very uncommon inscription: “To J.D. Miles, Best Wishes, Olive Ann Beech, 11/5/82” on a cover commemorating the Golden Anniversary Honoring Amelia Earhart’s Flight Across the Ocean. $75.00

Famed German aviation pioneer, stunt pilot and record holder during the 1930’s. Photograph of Bernd Rosemeyer standing next to his race car. Overall size appx. 4”x5”. Boldly signed with a two word sentiment in German, signed with her uncommon full signature. $55.00

FPortrait of Bishop in his uniform, measures appx. 6”x7” with overall size appx. 8”x10”. Signed below a printed statement by Bishop. Below his signature is a printed statement about his credits. Removed from his book and an excellent item for framing. $125.00


BROWN, A. Whitten Newspaper photograph measures appx. 5.5”x6” of the plane crash with an inset, head & shoulders pose of Brown. Signed on the lighter portion of the photo offering excellent contrast. $450.00


BROWN,  Mary Babnick & FEREBEE, Tom Two pages and the complete story of how Mrs. Brown contributed her hair for the secret bomb site. Signed in full at the conclusion by Mary Babnick Brown and also signed by Tom Ferebee. SOLD

FDR and Adolf Hitler’s Pilot

BRYAN, Otis F. & BAUER, Hans Cover with cachet of FDR postmarked Hyde Park, N.Y., Jan. 30, 1977. Signed by Otis F. Bryan and Hans Bauer. $125.00

BYRD, Richard E.
Portrait, head and shoulders pose in Naval uniform. Overall size. 7”x9” very boldly signed. $245.00

Second Pilot To Fly A Fixed Wing Aircraft Across The Atlantic,
Flew 1st Transatlantic Passenger

CHAMBERLIN, Clarence Postcard,  portrait of Chamberlin standing next to his plane “Miss Stratosphere. Hand signed in the clear portion of the sky, thus excellent contrast. $225.00

Important & Rare Military Document

CHENNAULT,  Claire L Together with the original envelope with Chennault’s rubber stamp return address. Censored by a Major A.D.C.. Part of the U.S. Army postmark has been torn away when one of the stamps were removed.  A one of a kind, wartime rarity $2,500.00

CHENNAULT, Claire L. This is hand signed “C.L. Chennault” and he has added “Maj.Gen. U.S.A.”   Hand addressed to a lady friend  in Miami, Florida. SOLD

Possibly the Finest Content Chennault Letter Outside of a "...I was particularly sensitive to the Communist dangers in July..."
"...even Mr. Nehru has become critical of their activities..."
"...Russia’s inhuman actions in Hungary have been noted all over the world..."
" deepest sympathy goes out to the betrayed andbutchered Hungarians..."

CHENNAULT, Claire Lengthy T.L.S. on his name imprinted stationery. SOLD

General C.L. Chennault
of the Flying Tigers, Rare Official 16th AAF Combat Camera Unit Photograph Signed. Very rare in this form. SOLD


CLAXTON, LT. W.G. & BOWMAN, G.H. Autograph letter signed, one full page with a photo 3”x4” of Corrigan as pilot, sitting in his plane inscribed and signed “To Pat Patrick-Douglas Corrigan 11-28-38”. $1,100.00

COCHRAN, Jacqueline Choice Air Mail cover, FDC commemorating Continental Air Lines Air Mail Service. Affixed is a U.S. 10-cent Air Mail postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue, Washington, DC , AUG 30, 1947. Nice hand signed signature of Jacqueline Cochran over 4 inches long. $145.00

CORRIGAN, Douglas Autograph letter signed, one full page with a photo 3”x4” of Corrigan as pilot, sitting in his plane inscribed and signed “To Pat Patrick-Douglas Corrigan 11-28-38”. $225.00

WWI French Ace-Nicknamed “Lindbergh of France”

COSTE, Dieudonne Air Mail cover honoring Coste/Bellonte Goodwill visit to Indianapolis in the “Question Mark”.  Postmarked 9/17/30. Boldly signed by Coste 185.00

First Flight Paris/New York

COSTE, Dieudonne & BELLONTE, Maurice Magazine photo of Coste and Bellonte in their plane “Question Mark” measures appx. 4.5”x5”. Boldly signed by both in the light area of the portrait offering excellent contrast. Bellonte dated his signature “29 June 1931". $475.00

CURTISS, Glenn Document signed, 6 pages: “Glenn H. Curtiss, C.M. Keyes, Curtiss Engineering Corporation and Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Corporation” December 13, 1920.  This Memorandum list all the Securities Outstanding and the Assets for Curtiss Engineering Corporation.   Plan: Mr. Curtiss to sell to Aeroplane and Aeroplane to buy from Mr. Curtiss $400,000 preferred stock etc.  A total of 5pages of agreements including Aeroplane to purchase the plant for $662,713,37 and listing the payment plan. Memorandum signed by Glenn H. Curtiss and C.M. Keyes and also by the Vice-President of Curtiss Engineering Corporation and the Vice-President of Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Corporation. SOLD

37 Year old pilot, 4th to die in a motor powered plane

DELAGRANGE, Leon Postcard photograph of his Delagrange Aeroplane #2 along with his portrait in the top left corner. Signed “Delagrange.”. $350.00

Jimmy Doolittle and 20 of his Raiders

DOLITTLE, Jimmy First Day of issue of the B-25s Take Off to Raid Tokyo, 29 cent U.S. Postage Stamp. Cancelled, Indianapolis, In Aug. 17, 1992, the 50th Anniversary of the raid on Japan.  In addition a USA 20 cent Medal of Honor US Postage Stamp has also been affixed to this cover. Affixed to this cover is a large label with a map of the world showing the different battles during 1942, including the Raid on Japan by Jimmy Doolittle.This cover is hand signed  “J.H. Doolittle”. also bearing the signatures of  twenty “Doolittle Raiders.”  Those signing are  “Jack Sims” #14 Co-Pilot,  “Roy Stark” #10 Co-Pilot, “Dick Knobloch” #13 Co-Pilot,  “Jacob DeShazer”  #16 Bombardier,  Bert Jordan”  #4 Gunner,  “E.W. Holstrom” #4 Pilot,  “H.A. Sessler” #15 Navigator/Bombardier, “Hank Potter”  #1 Navigator,  “Charles Ozuk”  #3 Navigator,“Harry C. McCool”  #4 Navigator,  “David J. Thatcher”  #7 Gunner,  “Nolan A. Herndon” #8 Navigator/Bombardier,  “Joe Manske” #5 Gunner,   “James H. Macia”  #14 Navigator/Bombardier, “Bill Bower” #12 Pilot,  “Travis Hoover” #2 Pilot,  “Doug Radney” #12 Gunner,  “E.W. Horton” #10 Gunner,  “Dave Pohl” #8 Gunner, and “R.E. Cole”  #1 Co-Pilot. The envelope is in very fine condition. A fabulous piece of WWII history, a remembrace of the aftermath of Pearl. $795.00

Scarce War Dated Letter With Excellent Personal Content

DOOLITLE, Jimmy Typed letter signed, one page, on the imprinted stationery of “Headquarters Eighth Air Force, Office of the Commanding General”,. Dated 2 June 1944 to his good friend Mrs. Ralph Rex. SOLD


TWENTY-FIVE signatures on 25 cards representing 16 take-offs of the historic Doolittle raid on Tokyo and other cities in Japan. $375.00

DOOLITTLE, J.H. Early cover with a stamped cachet commemorating Major James H. Doolittle’s progress in aviation by flying 3,000 miles in five months. Dated , July 25, 1932. Boldly signed. SOLD

DOUGLAS, Donald W. Black & White, 8”x10”, half length pose sitting behind his desk with pipe in hand. Signed in full. $395.00

Dr. Hugo Eckner & Cluade Dornier Two Scarce German Aviation Pioneers, Document Signed on the Same Leaf. $625.00 <

EARHART, Amelia Superior vintage fountain pen signature which is a remarkable 5 inches long on the verso of a portrait of her (removed from her book) aboard the luxury liner “President Roosevelt”. SOLD

ECKNER, Dr. Hugo Photograph, 5”x7”, B&W, head and shoulders pose of Eckner facing left.  Signed on the light portion of a window most likely on the Graf Zeppelin. He wrote the word “To” as he probably started to inscribed the photo but changed his mind. $750.00

ECKNER, Dr. Hugo Uncommon First Day Cover commemorating the Golden Anniversary of Aviation 1903-1953. Attractive cachet of a modern airplane along with the Wright Brothers and their plane. Affixed is a U.S. 6 cent Air Mail postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue, American Air Mail Society, Convention Station, Dayton, Ohio, May 29, 1953. Signed above the cancellation “Dr. Hugo Eckener.” $450.00

Bombardier on The Enola Gay

FEREBEE, Tom Special limited edition print, one of 500 copies,  of the blast created by the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Boldly signed by Tom Ferebee $22.50

Known as "The Mexican Lindbergh"

FIERRO, Roberto Very scarce signature “Roberto Fierro” on a card adding “Mexico, May 9, 1920.” 85.00

Famous German Ace - Killed in Combat

GALLAND, William-Ferdinand “Wutz” Rare A.L.S.  one and a half pages signed “Wutz.”  Not translated and in fine condition… Together with a T.L.S. one page, 27 August 1991 on the letterhead of National Security Industrial Association to autograph collector/dealer Doug Miller by Walker “Bud‘ Mahurin. 250.00

Adolf Galland's Personal Table Flag
GALLAND, Adolf, KRUPINSKI, Walter, RALL, GuntherAldolf Galland’s personal table flag which was on display in front of him on the dias at the Luftwaffe meeting “Gemeinschaft der Jagdflieger”.  This flag is edged in gold cord. The flag hangs from a wood flag pole.  This flag was a gift to Stephen Koschal after the Luftwaffe reunion dinner meeting. The flag is hand signed with “in person” signatures from Galland, Krupinski and Rall. $185.00

GALLAND,  Adolf Wonderful lithograph by artist Janet Keck, published by the King’s Crown Gallery in 1989. Limited to 500 numbered and signed copies by both Janet Keck and Adolf Galland.  Galland is head and shoulders in his flight jacket and hat wearing his Knight’s Cross and holding his famous dog. His nose art of a “Mickey Mouse” style is also illustrated. Measures appx: 19”x25”. $165.00

GALLAND, Adolf Color photograph, 4”x6”, head and shoulders pose in uniform. Signed in silver ink. $95.00

GALLAND, Adolf Typed letter signed, one full page on his name/address imprinted letterhead.  June 30, 1970. $125.00
Yuri Gagarin A Signed First Edition of his autobiography, EnRoute to the Cosmos, 1961. $1,375.00

GOERING, Hermann Photograph of Goering, B&W, 2.5”x3.5”.  Goering is wearing his Pour le Merite.  Signed: “H. Goering” most likely during the last weeks of his life before committing suicide. $1,250.00

Very Rare Signature of Edward Gorski-Earhart’s Mechanic

GORSKI, Edward Cover with cachet of Amelia Earhart, First day of Issue cancellation of the U.S. 8 cent Amelia Earhart postage stamp. Postal cancellations from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Atchison, Kansas and Londonderry, Ireland..   Cover number 57 of 200 copies signed by Edward Gorski, her mechanic who was the last to see Earhart before her crossing the Atlantic and Joe Fegan who greeted her upon her arrival in Ireland. $95.00

GRONAU, Capt. Wolfgang von Rare photograph of his Dornier that made the Round World Flight. Boldly signed by Capt. Gronau. He adds in his hand all the stops made. $275.00

WWI French High Scoring Ace- 54 Victories- Killed in Action

GUYNEMER, Georges Photograph of Guynemer standing next to his plane with many onlookers.  Also included is a beautiful photo of a monument honoring the Ace.  A third photo is of the area where it is believed to be the spot where the plane which Guynemer  was in crashed.  Together with a vintage package of dirt from this spot. This collection was put together by a French collector for a U.S. collector. $95.00

Lost at Sea at Age 39

HALLIBURTON, Richard 5”x7” of his plane “The Flying Carpet” in Agra, India above the Taj Mahal.  Inscribed and signed: “Howard! - How I keep from growing old- Dick Halliburton, The Flying Carpet, Agra 1932”. SOLD

World's Greatest Fighter Pilot, Ace with 352 Victories

HARTMANN, Eric Wonderful lithograph by Janet Keck, artist, published by King’s Crown Gallery, 1989 and limited to 500 numbered and signed copies by Janet Keck and Erich Hartmann.  Measures appx. 19”x25”, black and white. Hartmann is head and shoulders in uniform, smiling,  wearing his Knight’s Cross and holding his dog. $175.00

HAWKS, Frank B&W full length pose of Hawks dressed in his flight gear in 1932.  He is standing in front of his Texaco plane. Boldly signed with excellent contrast. $275.00

HAWKS, Frank B&W full length pose of Hawks dressed in his flight gear in 1932.  He is standing in front of his Texaco plane. Boldly signed with excellent contrast. $275.00

HEYERDAHL,Thor FDC honoring Leif Erikson Discoverer of North America. Fine cachet of Erikson and his boat. U.S. 6-cent Leif Erikson postage stamp cancelled First Day of Issue, Seattle, WA OCT 9,1968. Hand signed Thor Heyerdahl. $65.00

Very Rare Autograph Signed Contract

HILLARY, Sir Edmund Very rare autograph letter signed, one page on the Himalayan Trust letterhead, Sir Edmund Hillary, Chairman. March 14, 2001, Hillary writes: “Dear Mr. Shack, Enclosed please find your signed First Day Covers. I would be happy to sign 500 copies of Mt. Everest. Would you make out the check to “The Himalayan Trust.” Yours sincerely, Ed Hillary.”. $650.00

HILLARY, Sir Edmund, NORGAY, Tenzing, HUNT, John Card measuring 3.5”x3” hand signed in ink by “Ed Hillary”, a rare full signature of “Tenzing Norgay” and by “John Hunt”. SOLD

HILLARY, Sir Edmund Choice, photo, 8”x10”, B&W of Hillary and his Sherpa guide about to reach the top of Mt. Everest. Fine insert full face of a smiling Hillary at top left corner of the photo. Boldly signed “Ed Hillary” with excellent contrast. From a private signing in 2001. $150.00

HILLARY, Sir Edmund Superb photo, B&W, 8”x10” close-up head and shoulders pose of Hillary looking directly into the camera. Signed “Ed Hillary.”. $150.00

HILLARY, Sir Edmund FDC honoring Chares A. Lindbergh’s Solo Transatlantic Flight.  Cachet of Lindbergh standing with his Spirit of St. Louis. Affixed is a us 13-cent postage stamp of the Spirit of St. Louis, cancelled First Day of Issue, Roosevelt Field, NY, MAY20,1977. Hand signed by Ed Hillary. $95.00

Hindenburg and Graf Zeppelin Crew Members

STOFFLER, Albert, HEISS, Norbert, BENTELE, Eugene, SONNTAG, Josef, FISCHBACK, Ernst, RITTER, Theo Wonderful postcard of the Graf Zeppelin, with at least two dozen men holding her down on the ground. printed in German. Signed in ink of the six officers named above. $275.00

Founder of Orient Airlines

ISPAHANI, Mirza A. H. A fine card 3.5”x5.5” where he has signed his signature in green ink adding: “Sincerely yours, Karachi (Pakistan) July, 1970.”  A very desirable and scarce aviation related autograph. In excellent condition...  Together with an original brownie type black and white photo, head and shoulders pose. $67.50

Very Rare Signed Photo of Amy Johnson (Amy Mollinson)
and Her Co-Pilot.
Now Thought To Be Shot Down During WWII

JOHNSON, Amy (MOLLINSON, Amy) Rare photograph 4.5”x6” of Mollison and her co-pilot J. Humphreys standing next to their plane. Signed by both. SOLD


KAWATO, Masajiro Photograph, black & white, 8”x10” half length of Kawato in his flying gear.  Boldly signed: “Masajiro Mike Kawato, (signed once again in Japanese). $125.00

KAWATO, Masajiro Japanese flag measures appx: 4”x5”. Signed on the flag: “Masajiro Mike Kawato (signed once again in Japanese). SOLD

KINGSFORD-SMITH, Sir Charles A fine signature on a large card adding “Southern Cross” in his hand. $150.00

During April 1928, Commanded the "Bremen"
First West-Bound Trans-Atlantic Flight

KOEHL, Herman Very scarce autograph note signed in German on a card measuring 3.5”x4”.  May 22, 1929. Translated he says: “Kind regards and thanks Mr. Lerstaf, I am happy about all signs of life from America and remembering those wonderful days I had.” Signed in full. $285.00

Original Drawing of the Knight's Cross of The Iron Cross
Signed by 28 German Ace's - Combined 2,097 Victories

KOSCHAL, Stephen Original drawing of the German Knight’s Cross on a German artists board measuring appx. 12”x16”.  Drawn in 1995. Signed and dated  “S. Koschal 95”.  Boldly hand signed by 28 major German fighter pilots, all Ace’s.  The total victory of all the Ace’s that signed is a whopping 2,097 Victories. $1,950.00

Top Scoring Russian Ace in WWII

KOZHEDUB,  Ivan N. Photograph, B&W, 3”x5”  of the Ace dressed in flight gear and standing next to his plane. Boldly signed in full, along with a sentiment and date, in Russian on the verso.  The first time we have seen this pose. Kozhedub’s signature can be considered rare in any form. $450.00

LAKER,  Sir Freddie Photograph, 6”x8”, B&W, head and shoulders pose smiling. Signed. $95.00.

Second Leading WW1 Ace

LAMBERT, William Original pencil drawing given to the publisher to be used in the book. This drawing is of two fighter planes being shot at by soldiers from the trenches.  Signed and dated by Lambert: “Lambert 4-7-18”.  Includes a full COA from William E. Martin, a consultant for Lambert’s book. This illustration which measures appx. 8”x11” was not one of those used in the book. $495.00


LEAR, William A choice “Bill Lear” signature on a First Day Cover for the US 17 cent Air Mail stamp. Postmarked, Lakehurst, NJ, July 13, 1971. SOLD

Possibly the Finest Signed Charles Lindbergh Photo

LINDBERGH, Charles, COOLIDGE, Calvin, DAWES, Charles G. and LONGWORTH, Nicholas Overall size 11”x14”, image size 9.5”x12”. At The White House, President Coolidge has just presented and placed the Medal of Honor around the neck of Charles A. Lindbergh. Vintage signatures of all four signed during the time. Top left corner is a label describing the Lindbergh Air Mail Stamps.  A block of four are affixed to the top right of the portrait. The label also describes that President Coolidge is presenting the Congressional Medal of Honor.  $3,750.00

“in connection with the efforts of the Garden of the Gods Preservation Council”

LINDBERGH, Charles A. Autograph letter signed, one page, Brazil, Aug. 24, 1968.  Lindbergh writes: “Dear Mrs. Bueler, You are welcome to use any part, or all of my letter, written earlier today, in connection with the efforts of the Garden-of-the-Gods Preservation Council - in whatever ways you may consider most appropriate and effective. Sincerely, Charles A. Lindbergh”. $3,250.00

Charles Lindbergh Exceptional 1941 Endorsed Check from the America First Committee. Very Rare. $1,900.00.

Rare Cover Signed 7 Days After Returning from Paris

LINDBERGH, Charles A. Rare cover with a cachet commemorating Lindbergh Celebration, Use Air Mail-It Saves Time, St. Louis, MO. June 18,1927.  On this day St. Louis held a huge parade for Lindbergh. Two U.S. 10 cent postage stamps cancelled Saint Louis Jun 18, 1927. On the verso are two-time stamps for Jun 18. Top left corner of this cover, Lindbergh has boldly signed his name with his scarcer and very desirable full signature. Lindbergh signed this cover just 7 days after returning from Paris. $1650.00
LINDBERGH, Charles A. Scarce Air Mail cover, affixed are 6 U.S. postage stamps cancelled Washington, D.C. Aug 3,1927. On the verso are two cancellations Springfield, ILL Aug 4 1927 Rec’d.   On the front, bottom left corner is signed “C.A. Lindbergh Aug 9,1927.” Lindbergh is flying the air mail just 53 days after returning home from Paris. $1500.00

Rare early Lindbergh Cover with Excellent Association

LINDBERGH, Charles A.Two U.S. one cent stamps cancelled Let’s Go Citizen Military Training Camps, San Antonio Apr.3,1924.”  Top left corner Lindbergh writes his return address: “C.A. Lindbergh, Flying Cadet, Brooks Field, San Antonio, Texas.” Charles Lindbergh had just enlisted in the army flying school on March 15, 1924. Gurney nicknamed Lindbergh “Slim.” On April 9,1922 Lindbergh and Gurney both took their first flights sharing the cockpit in an aircraft piloted by Otto Timm. They went barn storming together, wing walking, and both men carrying the U.S. Mail. Gurney was a pioneer air mail pilot and airline pilot. Gurney served as a consultant on the movie Spirit of St. Louis in 1957 starring James Stewart. $1450.00

Very RARE Handwritten Poem by WW1 Flying Ace
and Successful Actor Robert Loraine

LORAINE, Robert A handwritten poem quoting from “Cyrano” about a kiss. Nine lines written by Robert Loraine and dated by him August 20, 1919 on a large album page measuring 6”x7”.  This is the first item signed by Robert Loraine to cross our desk in almost fifty years.  We were able to confirm his signature by comparing it to his pilot’s license signature available on the Internet. 450.00
Luftwaffe Aces Signed Invitation from "The Leader and Chancellor of the Deutchen Reichs." $85.00

Last of the Peary North Pole Expedition

MACMILLAN, Donald B. Autograph letter signed, 1 page, oblong on card stock. Provincetown, Mass, n.d. (July 1964). Nice content mentioning that he is the last of the Peary North Pole Expedition. Signed in full. Uncommon in autograph letters signed. 125.00

MARTIN, Glenn L. Air Mail cover with a five cent Air mail stamp affixed postmarked Lafayette, Louisiana, Nov. 29, 1930. $225.00

The Dreaded Messerschmitt

MESSERSCHMITT, Willy (1898-1978).  Noted aircraft designer and manufacturer of German planes during WWII. The “Messerschmitt” fighter plane is named after him.  Photograph, 5"x7”, full face smiling. Signed in full with very good contrast. Rather uncommon in signed photos and this is a fine example. $550.00

His Planes Made A Major Impact On WWII

MESSERSCHMITT, Willy Portrait of a Messerschmitt ME-109 fighter plane cut from a magazine measures appx. 3.5”x5.5”. Signed “Willy Messerschmitt” on the light area of the sky offering excellent contrast. SOLD

The Dreaded Messerschmitt Fighter Plane

MESSERSCHMITT, Willy U.S. 4 cent 1911-1961 Naval Aviation Postage Stamp, hand signed by Willy Messerschmitt. Plate block number “27016.”  Together with a T.L.S. by A. Woeckner on Messerschmitt AG letterhead dated Aug. 2, 1967 sending the signed stamp. 150.00

MESSERSCHMITT, Willy Single U.S. 4 cent 50th Anniversary Naval Aviation stamp, signed in full acros the stamp. $135.00

Desirable Cover Signed by Famous Aviatrix Betty Miller

MILLER, Betty J. Official Ninety-nine FDC, Amelia Earhart, President. This is copy #14 of only 100 signed copies. Affixed to the right corner is a U.S. 8 cent Air Mail, Amelia Earhart stamp cancelled First Day of Issue. In addition is a 50 cent Australian stamp and a U.S. 32 cent stamp. Both stamps are cancelled. Amelia Earhart cachet at the left of the cover. Signed: “Betty J. Miller.” $95.00

MITCHELL, William Rare autograph letter signed, one page on his name imprinted letterhead. $1395.00

Founder of the U.S. Navy Air Wing

MOFFETT, William Adgar Printed portrait, head and shoulders pose,  affixed to a card appx. 3”x5”.  Signed and inscribed to Seymour Halpern (U.S. Congressman) and dated Dec.22, 1930. $175.00

Eyewitness to the Hindenburg Disaster

MORRISON, Herb Very rare signed color photograph, measures appx. 2”x3”, head and shoulders pose, smiling.  He began to write “Kindest regards” with a ball point pen but the ink did not adhere well to the glossy surface of the photo. He signed his name using a different pen. 150.00

Very Rare First Flight Cover Honolulu-San Francisco Signed by the crew including the world’s most famous pilot at the time, and F. Noonan who disappeared with Amelia Earhart

MUSICK, Capt. Edwin C., SULLIVAN, R.O.D., KING, George, WRIGHT, C.D., JARBOE, W.T., Noonan, F.J., WRIGHT, V.A. Air mail cover, Pan American Airway System with a fine cachet First Flight Trans-Pacific Route 14, Honolulu-San Francisco (Alameda Airport). Cachet includes a China Clipper. U.S. 25 cent Trans-Pacific postage stamp affixed and cancelled Honolulu Dec 5, 1935. On the verso is a postmark San Francisco Dec.6. 1935. In addition on the verso are the hand signed signatures of the entire crew. Their ranks and names are typed below their signatures. $950.00

Only Woman To Hold Simultaneous World Records
For Speed, Altitude and Distance

NICHOLS, Ruth Vintage photo, 3.25”x5”, circa 1930’s, of Nichols standing near the side of her plane looking up at co-pilot James Ray. Signed by both. $195.00

Telegram to Benito Mussolini

NOBILE, Umberto Draft of a telegram on the letterhead of The Century Association, New York (1928). In full: “His Excellency Benito Mussolini, Roma. Members of the Century Association whose guest I am tonight (with whom I am dining) wish to express through Mr. Johnson and myself hearty congratulations (on your escape) and (send their) best wishes for you continued safety (security) and (and success) success.” Signed “Nobile.” Together with two copies of the Western Union Telegram repeating the content of Nobile’s message to Mussolini $450.00

Scarce Letter From the Co-Author of “Mutiny On The Bounty” & WWI Ace

NORDHOFF, Charles Typed letter signed, one page, 12/8/1941. Choice content Nordhoff writes in part: “...Hall is at present in the south Seas, while I am stopping in California for a few months. It is a pleasure that you enjoyed ‘Botany Bay’. Many thanks also, for your enclosure of Pitcarin Island, which is most interesting. Hall visited the place a good many years ago, but he was prevented from sailing at the last moment, thereby missed a most unpleasant ship-wreck and open boat voyage...” Signed Chas. Nordhoff. $195.00

Rare Curtis Flying Station Stock Certificate
Signed by its President Earle Ovington, the First Official Air Mail Pilot

OVINGTON, Earle Beautifully engraved Stock Certificate by The Brown-Green Co. 48 John St. New York.  Curtis Flying Station of Atlantic City, Inc. Ornate border with a vignette of an Eagle perched on a rock.  24 September 1918, certifys that Daniel Comstock is the owner of 200 shares.  Hand signed by the Treasurer, H. Walter Gill and the company President, Earle L. Ovington. 695.00

First Air Mail Pilot (1911)-SCARCE, Interesting this is his own Flown Cover

OVINGTON, Earl Interesting Air Mail cover, commemorating Ovington’s First Air Mail Flight from Spokane, Washington. Cachet of Ovington’s plane flying over the mountain in Spokane, Washington in 1929, Printed U.S. Air Mail postage stamp cancelled Spokane, Washington, SEP 15, 1929. Hand signed by Earl Ovington. Scarce as Ovington has typed in his own name and address and has flown this cover. $175.00

First Air Mail Pilot (1911)

OVINGTON, Earl Scarce autograph letter signed, one page, July 14/33. On a slip of paper 2.5”x6” he writes: “Dear B.A.B., Sorry too busy to devote any time to covers. I could do nothing else if I did. Good Luck. Earl Ovington.”. $150.00
First Air Mail Pilot (1911)

OVINGTON, Earl Interesting cover commemorating Ovington’s achievement. Cachet of his first flight and another of the 20th Anniversary of his flight. Printed U.S. postage Air Mail stamp cancelled Mineola, N.Y. SEP 23, 1931. Another large cancellation regarding Ovington being the First U.S. Air Mail pilot. Hand signed by Earl Ovington. $125.00

History’s First Fighter Ace

PEGOUD, Adolph Some credit him with being the first aviator to “looping the loop” in an aircraft.  Ace credited with six victories. Pegoud was killed in aerial combat at the age of 26 by one of his students while intercepting a German reconnaissance aircraft during the Great War.  Wonderful signature “Pegoud” on a slip. Together with a photo of him standing up in his aircraft. $595.00

Discovered the Lost Rare Chinese Manuscripts

PELLOIT, Paul Autograph letter signed, one full page, in French, May 23, 1909.  Not translated but not long after his discovery of the Dunhuang manuscripts in the Mogao Caves.  Hand addressed to Mademoiselle  Marcella Adam in Paris. $175.00

Rare Signature of William T. Piper

PIPER. William T. Air Mail cover with the U.S. 6 cent Air Mail stamp affixed and postmarked, Boston, July 12, 1963, Signed: “Wm. T. Piper”. SOLD

PIPER. William T. Nice cachet Golden Anniversary of Aviation.  Boldly signed with an uncommon four-word sentiment: “With my best wishes W.T. Piper.” . $465.00

Founded Pitcairn Aviation which later became Eastern Airlines

PITCAIRN, Harold F. Very uncommon typed letter signed, one page on his name imprinted letterhead.  August 25, 1932 to Henry L. Stevens, National Commander of the American Legion. SOLD

Man of Many Accomplishments

POST, Augustus One full page, signed and dated (June 26,1942) in type near the bottom of the page. The original “Ode” was handed to the Newfoundland Historical Society to be used with the unveiling of the memorial. At the bottom right of the page Post has written: ‘To the Rexes, from Gangster 571 Augustus Post.”. $125.00

It is Believed that Only 5 Covers Were Carried on this Around the World Flight

POST, Wiley Cover with the cachet of A. Wittnauer Co. Watches of New York addressed to J.P.V. Heinmuller of A. Wittnauer Co. New York.  An 8 cent Air Mail stamp cancelled July 15, N.Y.  1933 and another 8-cent stamp added on arrival cancelled Aug.3 1933. Printed in red: “Flown Historical Cover Carried by Wiley Post in First Solo Flight Around the World Record in 7 day 18 hours and 49 minutes.” Signed by Wiley Post.  Cover in fine condition. Included is an article, 2 pages, from “The Airpost Journal the official Publication of the American Airmail Society, January 2012-Vol.83, Number 1”  by Bob Dille. He writes of this cover: “I have never seen one.” “I once offered. $5,000 for one unseen, but the owner wanted $8500.”  This exact cover was purchased on December 17, 1999 for $5,514.00.  In June 2012 one of the other covers sold for $8,625.00 at Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers. $10,550.00

WWII German Aces - Total of 750 Victories

RALL, Gunther, KRUPINSKI, Walter, REINHART, Ernest Wilhelm, and Adolf Galland Porcelain plate depicting the German Imperial Eagle.  Hand signed by all four with “in person” signatures.  All obtained at a Luftwaffe Reunion in Germany. $225.00

RALL, Gunther Wonderful lithograph by artist Janet Keck, published by King’s Crown Gallery in 1989. Limited to 500 numbered copies and hand signed by both Keck and Rall. Rall is head and shoulders pose in uniform wearing his Knight’s Cross. Measures appx: 19”x25”. $135.00

VERY SCARCE First Edition

RASMUSSEN, Knud He book in Danish: “Festens Gave”  Eskimoiske Alaska, Adventure, Gyldendalske, Kbenhavn, 1929, First Edition. Two hundred five pages with all maps intact. Heavily illustrated in color. Hard paper covers. Choice presentation inscription: “To my friend Isaiah Bowman with all my best wishes for 1930, Knud Rasmussen Christmas 1929.”  Isaiah Bowman (1878-1950) was an explorer, American geographer, educator, Director of the American Geographic society, President of Johns Hopkins and a leader in the South America Expeditions. $395.00

The First Man to Survive an Airplane Crash as a Passenger
REMINGER, Oliver FDC commemorating the Rockwell Strategic Bomber Tests. Cancellation at Edwards, Ca, June 13, 1975. Signed by Oliver H. Reminger. $65.00

"Yes, I was at the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs"

RICKENBACKER, EddieTyped letter signed, one full page, on his name imprinted stationery, Mar. 11, 1968 to Leroy Edward Kohlbeck II of Colorado Springs.  Nice letter in part: “..after a tour of several weeks throughout the Northwest in connection with the promotion of my autobiography... I was at the Air Force academy at Colorado Springs for just a few hours last fall... I am enclosing an autographed photo taken of me standing beside my Spad during WWI back in France in 1918 (not present).”. $175.00

Pair of Very Scarce Space Related Autographs

ROCKWELL, Willard F. & ROCKWELL, Jr. Willard F. Willard F. Rockwell, Sr’s book: “The Rebellious Colonel Speaks, The Selected Papers of Willard F. Rockwell.” McGraw Hill, 1964, First Edition. Two hundred seventy-seven pages, illustrated. Inscribed and signed by Willard F. Rockwell on the front free endpaper. Inscribed and signed by Willard F. Rockwell, Jr. on the half title page  SOLD


ROSENDAHL, Charles E. & MORRISON, Herb Two covers, one Air mail cover signed “C.E. Rosendahl, Read Admiral, USN” and the other cover, 25th Anniversary Voice of America, signed “Kindest regards, Herb Morrison”.Together with an original piece appx. 1.5” square of the burnt outer skin of the Hindenburg and a postcard size photo of the Hindenburg exploding. $275.00

Possibly the Greatest Pilot in the History of Flying

RUDEL, Oberst Hans Ulrich A special folding card, most likely used for correspondence with a color portrait of Rudel on the cover.  When closed it measures 4”x6”. On the inside third panel Rudel signs his name with a fabulous large signature. $175.00

First Around-the-World flight without Refueling

RUTAN, Dick Choice color poster of the “Voyager” in flight and signed by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager.  Complete stats of the “Voyager” is printed on the verso of this poster. $85.00

RYAN, T. Claude First Day Cover commemorating the 50th Anniversary Solo Transatlantic Flight. The U.S. 13 cent Spirit of St. Louis is affixed and cancelled First Day of Issue. Roosevelt Field, N.Y. May 20, 1977. A fine cachet left side of cover depicts a portrait of Lindbergh along with The Spirit of St. Louis flying near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Hand signed: T. Claude Ryan.” $125.00

SARDIER, Gilbert Typed letter signed on the ornate printed stationery of Association Nationale Desas. Clermont-Ferrand, 29 January 1970. To Mr. Stephen St. Martin. Fine letter mentioning the l’Escadrille SPA 48 $375.00

Britain's Most Highly Regarded Wild life Artist

SHACKLETON, Keith Original watercolor by Keith Shackleton, of a polar bear on ice, measures appx: 8.5”x11”. Personally inscribed and signed by Shackleton to one of his shipmates named “Bill” who sailed on an historic voyage of the MS Lindblad. SOLD

SIKORSKY, Igor Fine aviation cachet on the left side of the cover and a 50th Anniversary of powered Flight U.S. 6 cent Air Mail Postage Stamp canceled, Dayton, Ohio, May 29, 1953.  Signed at the top left corner of the cover by I. Sikorsky. $100.00

Cover commemorating the 3rd Great Pershing Hot Air Balloon Derby, postmarked Laclede, MO, Sept. 1, 1979. Boldly signed “ T.O. M. Sopwith. $95.00

STEFANSSON, Vilhjalmar
FDC with a US 3-cent Alaska postage stamp cancelled Juneau, Alaska NOV 12, 1937. Hand signed with his full signature Vilhjalmar Stefansson. $125.00

Accompanied Ronald Reagan in a German Cemetery Creating a Political Firestorm

STEINHOFF, Johannes Wonderful lithograph by artist Janet Keck, published by King’s Crown Gallery in 1989.  Limited to 500 numbered copies signed by both Janet Keck and Johannes Steinhoff.  Steinhoff is head and shoulders pose in uniform wearing his Knight’s Cross.  Measures appx: 19”x25”. $135.00

Founder of the Air Force Academy

TALBOT, Harold E. Typed letter signed, dated December 31, 1952 to Dr. Fred A. Mettler, College of Physicians and Surgeons. $85.00

February 5, 1918 Thompson Became the First Person in U.S
Uniform to Down an Enemy Plane

THOMPSON, Lt. Stephen W. U.S. Air Force Museum brochure depicting a WWI fighter plane on the cover. Across the top of the front-page Thompson has written: “1st Lt. Stephen W. Thompson 12th Observation Squadron.”. $110.00

Original Military Newspaper Regarding The Dropping of the Atomic Bomb

TIBBETS, Paul & FEREBEE, Tom Original military daily newspaper  “Submarines, Pacific Fleet, Press, 9 August 1945.” “Last Minute News,” four full legal size pages. $495.00

Enola Gay - Atomic Bomb - Signed by Four

TIBBETS, Paul, FEREBEE, Tom, VAN KIRK, Theodore, CARON, George R. Print, 8”x10”, “First Atomic Strike Force” printed in blue with an ornate gold border. Signed by four who were on The Enola Gay. Each have added the position they had on the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on August 6, 1945. $225.00

The First Atomic Bomb

TIBBETS, Paul W., FEREBEE, Tom and VAN KIRK, Theodore Photograph of the Enola Gay, black & white, 10”x8”. Signed on the airfield by all three, each adding their titles. $225.00

Signed Four Times

TURNER, Roscoe Plate block of four U.S. 10 cent stamps of the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Air Mail Service. Signed across each stamp by Roscoe Turner. $150.00

Ryan built the Spirit of St. Louis

WAGNER, William & RYAN, T. Claude Wagner’s book Ryan the Aviator, MacGraw-Hill CO. 1971, 253. Pages, heavily illustrated. On the half title page is an inscription/signed: “Best wishes to Jim Dalby, my old friend, fellow pilot and aviation pioneer. T. Claude Ryan.”  Signed just below by the author William Wagner, $95.00

Noted Explorer and Aeronaut-Built two Airships

WELLMAN, Walter He created the airship’s America and Akron. Bank check payable on the Riggs National Bank, Washington, D.C. May 3, 1909. Made payable to W.F. Roberts & Co. for $50.00. Signed by Walter Wellman. Endorsed on verso by W.F. Roberts. $125.00

WELLMAN, Walter Signed in full, slight wear along right edge of letter otherwise a very good example. Wellman’s signature is not common and he is quite scarce in handwritten letters. $295.00

Father of the Airport - Murderer - Great Forger of Autographs

WOODHOUSE, Henry Reproduction of a front page article from the New York Times, Dec. 29, 1929. A fine example of a very scarce signature, this is the first we have had handled. $450.00

WRIGHT, Orville Choice plate block of 9. 2 cent International Civil Aeronautics Conference United States postage stamps. Signed by Orville Wright on the selvage above the plate block number. $750.00

WRIGHT, Orville Fine cover with a U.S. Air Mail 6-cent postage stamp cancelled First Day of issue, Dayton, Ohio May 14, 1938. Choice signature “Orville Wright” hand signed near the top left corner. Hand addressed by a collector in Terre Haute, Indiana. $550.00

YEAGER, Brigadier General Chuck Photograph, color, official Northrop Gruman photo,  of Chuck Yeager standing on a runway in front of a B-2 Stealth Fighter Bomber Aircraft. Cost of each of these planes averaged 737 million dollars in 1997 dollars. Inscribed and signed on the light area of the runway: “To Steve Good Luck! Chuck Yeager.”. $175.00

Very Scarce Ace Playing Card Signed

YEAGER, Chuck. Ace of Diamonds playing card. Signed in full.  Yeager was not fond of signing these type cards. SOLD

LARGE Collection of American Aces

Collection of a total of 40 Ace Playing Cards RMany have added their squadron names, amount of victories, etc. SOLD

The "Three Dissimilar Musketeers of the Air" Herman Koehl, Baron Guenther von Huenefeld, & James Fitzmaurice. Three aviators who made the First Westward Flight across the Atlantic. Signed Program and Portrait from the dinner honoring their achievement. $975.00

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