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Survivor of the Lusitania
ALTAMORE, Rosalie (B&W, 8”x10” portrait of the Lusitania under sail. Signed by survivor Rosalie Altamore in the light area of the sky. $75.00

Scarce photograph, B&W, 4.5”x7”, inscribed: “To my fellow columnist Richard Butler, with warmest wishes, Jack Anderson.” SOLD

Remarkable Collection of Automobile Pioneers
AUTOMOBILE PIONEERS A Fabulous collection comprising of autographs, letters, documents and signed photographs of many of the most notable names involved in the history and development of the automobile. $6,900.00

A Founder of the A.C.L.U.
BALDWIN, Roger Fine Franklin D. Roosevelt cover with a printed cachet of FDR postmarked April 12 1977.  Signed “Roger Baldwin, 2/20/81”  just six months before his passing. $35.00

Founding Pioneer of the Boy Scouts of America.  Known to all as “Uncle Dan.”  Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W,  of Dan Beard, head & shoulders pose dressed in his scout uniform (1931).  Inscribed in white ink: “To Troop 77 of Hamtromck from Uncle Dan”.  In excellent condition and very uncommon as such. $225.00

Very uncommon autograph letter signed, one very full page to Judge Woodruff.  Dated January 21, 1871. He asks the Judge when was your opinion on a certain case in the Northern District given. $395.00

Typed letter signed, one page on the stationery of the Supreme Court, Chambers of Justice Hugo L. Black. Dated December 11, 1968 to Mr. Sandy Adelman. $125.00

Matching Checks of Henry Blackwell and His Wife Lucy Stone
BLACKWELL, Henry B. & STONE, Lucy HPair of matching checks, partly printed  A.D.S., Boston, March 13,1890. North National Bank check payable to “Myself” for $100.00. Accomplished  entirely by the hand and signed by Henry B. Blackwell including the words “a/c Anna Blackwell” and signed once again on the verso.  Two bank punch hole cancellations not affecting any of the writing. Partly printed A.D.S., Boston, Jan. 14, 1892, North National Bank check payable to Timberlake and Small for $27.57.  Accomplished entirely by the hand and signed by Lucy Stone.  Two bank punch cancellations holes not affecting any writing. $575.00

First Black Mayor of Los Angeles
BRADLEY, Tom His Holiday Greeting card which depicts some of the buildings in Los Angeles surrounded by flowers. Printed at the lower center is “Mayor and Mrs. Tom Bradley”.  hand signed by Tom Bradley just above his printed name. $18.50

His Death Ruled A Homicide
BRADY, James Official White House color photograph of James Brady, head & shoulders pose clearly showing the results of his injuries. Very boldly inscribed: “To Randall, Best Wishes and Good Luck Jim Bear Brady.” SOLD

BRANDEIS, Louis Autograph letter signed, one page on the imprinted Supreme Court letterhead. $650.00

BRENNAN JR., William  J. First Day Cover commemorating the Signing of the Declaration of Independence. Signed by Brennan with a fine signature $47.50

The Grandmother of the Russian Revolution
BRESHKOVSKY, Catherine Autograph letter signed, one very full page, Prag, CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 7/2/1929. $450.00

Rare vintage collection of Broadcast Journalists and Anchor Persons
BROADCAST JOURNALISTS This wonderful collection of vintage broadcast journalists and anchor persons consists of 13 signed photographs and one scarce typed letter signed. $285.00

Astronomer Who Discovered 27 Comets
BROOKS, William R. Very scarce autograph letter signed on his blind stamped name embossed stationery which depicts a comet sailing through the sky.  Smith Observatory, Geneva, N.Y., Jan. 12, 1898. $250.00

Inventor of the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle)
BROWNING, John Moses Bank check, Georgetown, DC, April 21, 1891, accomplished in Browning’s hand, made payable to “Cash” for ten Dollars. Boldly signed “John M. Browning”. SOLD

America's Sherlock Holmes
Noted American Detective
Director of the Bureau of Investigation

BURNS, William J. Typed letter signed, one page, on his ornate name imprinted stationery,  July 30, 1911 to Mr. H. McClure of McClure’s Magazine.  A very interesting letter asking that a close friend be interviewed for a job and asking for the results of that interview... ”Now Harry, I cannot tell you how interested in Mrs. Dorrance I am and I will await with some anxiety the result of her interview with you.”. $275.00

BURTON, Harold  H.
Choice 8”x10”, B&W, Harris & Ewing photograph of the Justice, half length pose dressed in his judicial robe. $135.00

Supreme Court Justice Burton’s Christmas Card

BURTON, Harold H. Season’s Greeting Card for the year 1962.  Portrait of Justice and Mrs. Burton on the cover. Signed in full in type by both the Justice and Mrs. Burton. Justice Burton has added in his hand: “Hi! Harold and Selma”.  $75.00

Governor of New Jersey
BYRNE, Brendan His Holiday Greeting card as governor. Gold embossed seal of New Jersey with the printed message: “Best Wishes for the Holiday Season, Governor and Mrs. Brendan T. Byrne”. Hand signed by Brendan Byrne. With original envelope. $17.50

Uncommon in Autograph Letters Signed
BYRNES, James F Very scarce autograph letter signed, one page on United States Senate letterhead dated Dec. 29, 1940.  $275.00

Cannonball from the waters surrounding Fort McHenry,
Baltimore Harbor, War of 1812

Cannonball From the waters near Ft. McHenry, Baltimore Harbor. The War known as The Battle of Baltimore was during the War of 1812. The battle inspired Francis Scott Key to pen what became our National Anthem ”The Star Spangled Banner.” During September 13-14 the Fort successfully defended the City of Baltimore from an attack by the British.  This ball is from the prestigious collection of Robert White, noted JFK collector and dealer in autographs and antiquities. $85.00

The International Symbol of Racism & Bigotry
CONNOR, Eugene "Bull" RARE typed letter signed on his Birmingham Police Commissioner, Eugene “Bull” Connor letterhead illustrating the Confederate Flag.  March 21, 1960.  A fabulous content campaign letter. $125.00

Very Rare Signature of Thomas John Capel

CAPEL, Thomas John On a 2.25”x4” card Capel has written a few words in his hand and signed his name in full.  $75.00

Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court (Lincoln), Secretary of the Treasury
CHASE, Salmon P. A fine dark bold signature on a slip affixed to a larger slip. $117.50

Outstanding and RARE Combination of Cuban Signatures

CIENFUEGOS, Camilo & GUEVARA, Che Very rare typed document signed by Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos dated January 15, 1959 just a week after seizing Havana. Department of Military of La Cabana, La Havana.  $2.275.00

Very Rare, First Signature as Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

CLARK, Tom C. Autograph note signed on his first day as Justice. On a 3”x5” card Clarke writes: “To Richard Alliger on the day I became a Justice of the Supreme Court, Tom C. Clark. 8/24/49.”Together with the original The Attorney General envelope.  $225.00

Last Survivor to Work on Mt. Rushmore
Clifford, Don "Nick" His book "Mount Rushmore Q&A." Sixty-nine pages, 12th printing, revised. Paperback, color covers, many illustrations, some in color. Signed “Nick Clifford” on the title page. In fine condition. $35.00

The International Symbol of Racism & Bigotry
CONNOR, Eugene "Bull" RARE typed letter signed on his Birmingham Police Commissioner, Eugene “Bull” Connor letterhead illustrating the Confederate Flag.  March 21, 1960.  A fabulous content campaign letter. $125.00

South African General called the “Circus General”
CRONJE, Pieter A. Portion of a section of a front free endpaper of a book.  Signed by the author with a 5 word sentiment. Signed just below by the subject of the book, P.A. Cronje. $55.00

William R. Day Letter to the President of the United States
DAY, William R Autograph letter signed, 2 full pages, Ashville, N.C., April 17, 1899. To: “The President, Executive Mansion, Washington, DC.” (William McKinley). $275.00

DAY, William R.
Bank check accomplished in his hand, Canton, Ohio, August 6, 1875 for $196.31.   Affixed to the upper left corner is a US 2 Cent Internal Revenue Tax stamp. $95.00

Press Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W of the Ambassador sitting at his desk.  Signed with a three word sentiment: “with best wishes, Bui Diem.”  A collector has written ”Ambassador Bui Diem of  South Viet Nam” on the lower white margin, easily matted out. SOLD

Succeeded Hitler as Head of State-Signed Surrender Documents
DONITZ, Karl Typed document in German signed, Headquarters, 6 May 1945.  Donitz authorizes Generaloberst Alfred Jodl to meet general Eisenhower at his headquarters near the end of the war. Very boldly signed by Donitz. He dates this signature “22.4.78”.  $650.00

DOUGLAS, William O.
Attractive, printed portrait of Douglas, head and shoulders pose dressed in his judicial  robe.  Overall size 6”x7”.  Signed in the lower light margin just below his likeness. $195.00

Vlad Dracula
Ottomar Rudolphe Vlad Dracula, Prinz Kretzulesco A very scarce double signature “Vlad Dracula, Prinz Kretzulesco, 30.11.99” on a card 4”x6”. Together with a portrait of the Prinz standing in front of his Palace. $150.00

The Man Who Named The United States
Third Chief Justice of the United States
Document Signed in 1776 for Weapons
ELLSWORTH, Oliver, SEYMOUR, Thomas, HOSMER Titus Manuscript document signed, one page, 5”x8”, April 8, 1776. Payment to Titus Hosmer one of the Committee for providing Arms to be spent for that purpose and charge the Colony. Signed by Ellsworth, Seymour , John Lawrence and on the verso by Titus Hosmer.  Signatures of Hosmer can be considered scarce. A 1776 Revolutionary historical document of military association. $675.00

The Man Who Names The United States
Third Chief Justice of the United States
ELLSWORTH, Oliver (1745-1807).  Member of Congress (1778-83). Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court under Washington and Adams.  Document signed, one page, Hartford (Connecticut) June 17, 1777. Pay voucher to John Thomas for seven pounds, six shillings and six pence for his wages, mileage, etc. Directed to the Treasurer John Lawrence and signed by two members of the Committee of Pay table including O. Ellsworth.  Writing nice and dark. $375.00

Executive Mansion Card Signed
EVARTS, William M. Signed Executive Mansion Card, adding in his hand “Secy of State” during the term of Rutherford B. Hayes. SOLD

San Diego’s First American Settler
San Diego’s First Attorney (1835)
Owner  of San Diego’s First Store (1845)
San Diego Mayor (1846-47)

FITCH, Henry D. Very rare autograph letter signed, San Diego, Jan. 6, 1840, two very full pages. To Mr. J. Mahonrey. Letter is in regards to a purchase of half a bank for the sum of $5,000. He goes on to give his opinion that e would not go through with the deal for the whole of it let alone for half. He goes on to say he does not want any part of the deal.  He goes on to say he has available about 2,600 pounds of tallow. He goes on to discuss business and a person with bad debt. He has been detained here by the misfortune of others as he should have been in the Pueblo long ago, etc. Signed “H.D. Fitch”. $695.00

Peter Force reprinted The Declaration of Independence
FORCE, Peter This is a very interesting response to an autograph request. Autograph letter signed, one page, Washington, July 3, 1866. He writes very boldly: “Friend Burnham in accordance with your request, I have the honor to forward the autograph of the venerable Col. Force. Yours, Peter Force”.  Force’s letter is on the fourth leaf of a letter to him from July 4, 1866 discussing books. $275.00

Peter Force reprinted The Declaration of Independence
Slip signed by Three Mayors of Washington
FORCE, Peter, SEATON, William Winston and BRADLEY, William A. Signatures of all three on a slip, each donating $100 while in Washington, DC $150.00

Excellent Baseball Reference
FRANKFURTER, Felix Autograph letter signed, two full pages on a large imprinted Supreme Court of the United States card (4"x6") $675.00

The Man Who Formed "The Barrow Gang" With Clyde Barrow
FULTS, Ralph Broadside containing a reprint of a biographical article about Fults.  Bold headlines read “The Man Who Ran With Bonnie and Clyde”.  Article contains a portrait of Fults. Hand signed by Ralph Fults in the upper blank area offering excellent contrast. $795.00

Free Frank of Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury
GALLATIN, Albert Excellent cover bearing a Free franking signature of Albert Gallatin as Secretary of the Treasury. Made out to William Few, Esq. Commissioner of Loans, New York. Clear postmark “Washington, Apr.19.” Stamped in red ink “Free.” $195.00

GLUBB, Sir John Magazine photograph , 6”x9”, B&W of Glubb shaking hands with King Hussein. Boldly signed by Sir. John Glubb. $77.50

Associate Justice U.S. Supreme Court for only 34 months
GOLDBERG, Arthur J. Photograph, B&W, 8”x10”, head and shoulders pose. Boldly inscribed and signed: “To Doug Kleiner with every good wish, Arthur J. Goldberg.” SOLD

Dallas Grassy Knoll Relic
GRASSY KNOLL Offered is one section of the picket fence measuring 4”x58”.  Affixed to this section of fence is a brass plaque engraved “Grassy knoll, Dallas, Texas, Section of Original Wood Fence, Site of  John F. Kennedy assassination.  In addition affixed to this item are two original color photographs showing the wooden fence above the Grassy Knoll with the missing section. $250.00

CHE GUEVARA Cuban 20 pesos Note, Banco Nacional De Cuba, printed signature of Che as President Del Banco. Above his printed signature he has personally signed his name using a black ink pen.  Very scarce as such,  only a few of these notes have appeared for sale. Note and signature in fine condition. SOLD

CHE GUEVARA Cuban 10 pesos Note, Banco Nacional De Cuba, printed signature of Che as President Del Banco. Above his printed signature he has personally signed his name using a black ink pen. SOLD

Black Woman who changed Americar
HALE, Mother Clara (1905-1992). Humanitarian, the Mother to those who needed one. Founded Hale House in Harlem a home for unwanted children and those who were born addicted to drugs. She eventually helped 1,000 drug addicted babies and children born with HIV. One of the great black women in history who helped in the equal rights movement. Clara Hale was recognized by Ronald Reagan in his 1985 State of the Union Address. Very scarce photograph, 5”x7”, half length pose, smiling, signed “Mother Clara Hale”. A choice specimen. $125.00

He urged Abraham Lincoln to arm the slaves (1862)
HARLAN, James Autograph note signed in full: “Will the proprietors of the ‘Intelligencer’ and ‘Union’ comply with the within request and send me bill of charges with the return of this letter. James Harlan U.S.S.”. $110.00

Governor of New York - First Electrocution in the United States
HILL, David B. Document signed, David B. Hill’s bank check, National Commercial Bank, Albany, New York, July 1, 1907. Made payable to the bearer for Two hundred and thirty-two dollars.  Signed “David B. Hill.” $37.50

HITLER, Adolf & Von Brauchitsch, Heinrich
Typed document in German, one page small folio, Berlin, March 24, 1938. Document issued to Doctor Krohn (military officer doctor) is to be released from active duty. Boldly signed by Adolf Hitler and countersigned by Von Brauchitsch. SOLD

Adolf Hitler’s Personal Monogrammed
Sterling Silver Vanity Mirror and Bristle Brush

HITLER, Adolf Very rare WWII Adolf Hitler curved flat top “AH” monogrammed Sterling Silver Vanity Mirror. These were used by Hitler at  Obersalzberg..  $6,200.00

Uncommon A.L.S. as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
HOLMES, Jr., Oliver Wendell Autograph letter signed, 1 page, Washington, D.C. November 25, 1910.  To John B. Campbil. Holmes writes: “It gives me pleasure to comply with your slight request. Yours truly, Oliver Wendell Holmes.”. $1,095.00

Sam Houston
President of the Texas Republic, Choice Free Frank Signature. $895.00

HUGHES, Charles E.
Printed portrait from a photograph taken by Harris & Ewing. Bust pose, B&W, looking directly into the camera. Signed on the lower white margin. $325.00

The First Engraved Supreme Court Card
HUGHES, Charles E. Appointed Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court by President Hoover (1930) and he held this position until 1941.  He is the First Justice to utilize the engraved Supreme Court of the United States card. A very good to fine example of this card very boldly signed. $185.00

HUGHES, Charles E. Typed letter signed, one page on the letterhead of “Ninety-six Broadway” (New York).  May 17, 1920 to Dear Mr. Wiley of the New York Times.  Hughes writes about not receiving a copy of the Current History magazine and wants to read an article with much interest.  $150.00

HUGHES, Charles E. Brief typed letter signed, one page, on the stationery of the State of New York, Executive Chamber, dated June 12, 1908. To Charles Robb, Hughes writes: "I have received your letter of the 11th instant for which I thank you most heartily. Very truly yours." $150.00

HUGHES, Charles E. Appointed Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court by President Hoover (1930) and he held this position until 1941. A choice signature on a nice clean card. $75.00

Scarce Document Signed by Saddam Hussein
HUSSEIN, Saddam Colorful document  signed, September 14, 1989, six separate pages, small folio, as President of the Supreme Council for the Revolution. Light green letterhead with decorative gold borders and the official Iraqi eagle emblem at top center.  Translated, “Orders by Mr. President the Rais (Leader), In order to defend the beloved country of Iraq against the Khomeinist invaders, the Iraq citizens listed below have made donations...”  Lengthy double columned listing of 286 names follow. Boldly signed by Saddam Hussein in green ink on the last page $750.00

ISMAY, Lionel Hastings Choice signature “Ismay” adding “General, April 1960” on a 3”x5”card. SOLD

Frank James along with his brother Jesse
were the most feared outlaws of their day
JAMES, Frank Typed letter signed on his name imprinted stationery. St. Louis Mo.  Mar. 6, 1900. To Dear Sir, Frank adds in his hand “Mr. James Ghire & Friend”. $4,250.00

Original Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
JOHNSON, Thomas Autograph document signed, one page, 4”x8”, In Council,  24 March 1778 $595.00

Laura Keene The Actress who Cradled Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater Extraordinarily Rare Letter. $6,900.00
KENNY, Sister Elizabeth Rare oversized photograph, B&W, appx. 11”x14” full length of Sister Elizabeth Kenny walking with a gentleman. Signed, “Elizabeth Kenny.” Bottom corners lightly rounded otherwise in very good condition. $375.00

Very Scarce Vintage Signed Photograph
KILGALLEN, Dorothy Vintage photograph, 8”x10” by Bruno of Hollywood/New York,  head and shoulders pose. Inscribed and signed: “To Lottie-All good wished to you! Dorothy Kilgallen.”  In very good condition.  Signed photographs of Dorothy Kilgallen are quite scarce and 8”x10” signed photographs nearly impossible to obtain. $550.00

Recipient of the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize
KISSINGER, Henry Fabulous non-rushed inscription and signature, in ink, on the back of a table card from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in new York City. The card reads “Hon. Henry A. Kissinger” in calligraphy.  A choice genuine signature of Kissinger. SOLD

56th Secretary of State
KISSINGER, Henry Magazine photograph,  5”x6”, Black and white of Kissinger, Happy Rockefeller, Governor Rockefeller attending the National Press Club luncheon on October 31, 1972.  Signed by Henry Kissinger. $45.00

Scarce Document Signed By Nikita Khrushchev
KHRUSHCHEV, Nikita Rare document signed, two pages, as Chief of the Ukrainian Council of Ministers, dated November 23, 1947. Letter regarding the opening of stores and discusses the lack of opening the needed amount of stores for selling bread, etc. Letter of translation included. Signed in green ink by Nikita Khrushchev and countersigned by Demian Korotchenko, Secretary of Central Committee of Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine SOLD

Witnessed The Total Collapse of the Third Reich
LEHMANN, Armin A choice signature on a 3.25”x6.25” card. SOLD
Anna Leonowens The "I" in Rodgers and Hammerstein's
The King and I. Scarce 1875 Autograph Letter Signed. SOLD

MACARTHUR, Douglas Typed letter signed, one page on the printed letterhead of 90 Church Street, New York.  26 December 1962. To Miss Rosalind Swain. $495.00

Limited Edition signed by Thomas Madigan & A.L.S. of Samuel F.B. Morse
MADIGAN, Thomas A This copy contains a choice autograph letter signed by Samuel F.B. Morse, dated June 20, 1890 at New York. To an autograph collector Morse  $1,200.00

KLONDIKE KATE - Queen of the Yukon
MATSON, Kate Rockwell Magazine portrait, measures appx. 4”x4” of  Klondike Kate holding her wedding ring. Signed in full “Kate Rockwell Matson”.  $1,375.00

Von Mauser, Paul Autograph note on the front of a fantastic “Hold to Light” German postcard of a beautiful mansion, gardens and fountain.  When held up to the light all the lights around the fountain and lights in the windows of the mansion light up as well as the moon in the sky.  In the light area of the bottom front of the postcard Mauser has very boldly written in German. Translated in reads: “I will thank you soon in person. In deepest appreciation, yours, P. Mauser.”  Hand addressed on the verso by Mauser. German stamp, postmarked, Weisbaden, 1.11.01. $695.00

Dallas Police Officer Who Captured Lee Harvey Oswald
MCDONALD, Maurice Nick Photo of McDonald in uniform, half length pose, 8”x10”, holding Oswald’s .38 cal pistol. Inscribed: “To Steven, Best wishes, Officer M. Nick McDonald-Captor of Oswald- 11-22-63”. $55.00

Founder of McDonalds
MCDONALD, Richard Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W of the first McDonald's hamburger stand. Signed on the light portion of the sky: “Richard J. McDonald, Founder McDonald’s Hamburgers”.  SOLD

Called “The Angel of Death”
Document Signed by Dr. Mengele While Assigned to Auschwitz

MENGELE. Dr. Josef Official document signed, very shortly after arriving at Auschwitz. Dated, 7 Aug. 1943  at Auschwitz Birkenau.  Translated it originates at the “Hospital for Gipsies” and directed to “The Institute of Hygiene” in Auschwitz.  The text states: “Sample for examination regarding dysentery taken 7.8.43 for Lakatost Ziborah, registration #8162.“  Hand signed  by “J. Mengele” using a purple pencil.  His title is “SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer.”. $8,900.00

Rare Check signed by Samuel Meredith, First Treasurer of the U.S.
MEREDITH, Samuel Partly printed document signed. Check filled in by Meredith “Cashier of the Bank”  April 7, 1789. Pay to S. Meredith and signed once again. $295.00

President of The Continental Congress
MIFFLIN, Thomas One page, oblong folio, vellum, (Philadelphia), May 29, 1795. Countersigned by James Trimble. Large embossed wafer Seal of the Commonwealth affixed to the top left above Mifflin’s signature.  Ornate printed heading by F.&R. Bailey.  $425.00

Appointed by Abraham Lincoln
MILLER, Samuel F. Bank check, oblong, Bank of Washington, Oct.22, 1881. Accomplished by his hand and made payable to “Self” for one hundred dollars. Signed in full as Associate Justice. Signed once again on the verso.  $185.00

Hitler’s Bodyguard, Reported to be the last occupant of the Fuhrer Bunker
MISCH, Rochus Color map of the Battle for Berlin 26 April – 2 May 1945. Indicates the buildings damaged and the important ones intact plus other damaged areas. Indicates the spot of Hitler’s Bunker.  Boldly signed by Rochus Misch on the bottom white margin.  $87.50

MONTGOMERY, B.L. Signed "Montgomery of Alamein, Field Marshall". Official War Office photo passed for censorship stamp on verso. Fine and quite uncommon in signed photographs. $575.00

Last Person to Serve as Supreme Court Justice Without Possessing a Law Degree
MOODY, William H. A choice bold signature on a slip adding Haverhill, Mass (the town he died) in his hand. $87.50
Austin Moses The "Founder of Texas" discusses his mining interests in this Exceptionally Rare Autograph Letter Signed $5,950.00

MURPHY, Frank Photograph, appx. 8”x10” B&W, head & shoulders pose. Inscribed and signed on the lower light margin. $195.00

Document Signed by Mussolini and the King of Italy
MUSSOLINI, Benito & EMANUELE III, Vittorio Partly printed document signed “Mussolini” as Minister of War, in Italian, one full page, small folio, Rome, October 1, 1926. Not translated.  Printed heading bears the huge name of the King and his titles. Boldly signed by  Vittorio Emanuele with a huge signature nearly seven inches long. Countersigned by Mussolini. Several dockets and signatures of two secretaries. Together with a portrait of King Vittorio  Emanuele and Mussolini, both in uniform, shaking hands. $495.00

MUSSOLINI, Benito Partly printed document signed “Mussolini” as Minister of war, in Italian, one full page, small folio, Rome, September 30, 1926. Not translated.  Printed heading bears the huge name of the King and his titles. Boldly signed by  Vittorio Emanuele with a huge signature nearly seven inches long. Countersigned by Mussolini. Several dockets and signatures of two secretaries. Together with a portrait of King Vittorio  Emanuele and Mussolini, both in uniform, shaking hands. SOLD

Nazi Swastika, Leaded Stained Glass Window
NAZI SWASTIKA, Leaded Stained Glass Window Measures 15”x15”, Black glass Swastika circled in white glass with a vibrant red glass background. $145.00

Duke of Bronte
NELSON & BRONTE Scarce signature most likely a Free Franking signature. Affixed to a larger slip. $57.50

Rare Autograph of Untouchables Leader Eliot Ness
NESS, Eliot Check, 8.25”x3”, drawn on the Riggs National Bank of Washington, DC, dated  Feb. 19, 1947. Filled in by Ness and made payable to “Cash”. Signed “Eliot Ness” with a choice bold, black ink signature.  This check exhibits normal rubber bank stamping on verso. Cancellation holes do not touch Ness’s fine signature.  $795.00

WWII, Japanese Surrender on Board U.S.S. Missouri
NIMITZ, Chester W. Photograph, B&W, 8”x10” of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri is signing the instrument of surrender.  On the surrender documents on the photograph Nimitz has signed in blue ink: “C.W. Nimitz, U.S. Representative.” $3,750.00

The Most Hated Woman in America
O’HAIR, Madalyn Fantastic cover commemorating “Atheism Comes of Age”.  Two U.S. stamps with a special cancellation “American Atheists Convention XXI, Sta. Scottsdale, AZ 85253, March 29, 1991”. Signed in ink by Madalyn O’Hair. $225.00

Rare New York City Major During Civil War Draft Riots
The Hate was directed toward African-Americans
OPDYKE, George Rare check, bearing a wonderful cachet of a sailor, ship and Indian on the County Treasurer of new York at the Broadway Bank. March 5, 1863 (two days after Congress passed the Enrollment Act) in the amount of $66.66 made payable to Philip Cosgriff or Stilwell & Swain for salary as attendant Court of General Sessions for January 1863.  Signed by the City Comptroller, Clerk, County Bookkeeper and by George Opdyke as mayor of New York City. $395.00

PARKS, Rosa & KING, Coretta Scott First day of issue of the Martin Luther King, Jr. U.S. 15 cent postage stamp. Choice engraved portrait of head and shoulders pose of King on the left and another of King giving his famous speech in Washington, D.C.  Signed by Coretta Scott King and signed and date “12/7/90” by Rosa Parks.  A fabulous and scarce combination of signatures. $595.00

Rare A.L.S. of Rosa Parks
PARKS, Rosa Autograph letter signed, one page, May 15, 1993, she writes: “Dear Steve, Many students write reports about around the country. Some of them send me copies and say they get good grades.  I hope you did well. God Bless You, Rosa Parks.”  Autograph letters signed by Rosa Parks are considered quite scarce to rare. $350.00

PASCO, Samuel Choice signature adding "Florida" in his hand. $225.00

Very RARE Letter Of The Future Pope Getting The Church And Pope. Involved In Finding A Prisoner Of War. Known as "Hitler's Pope!"
PIUS XII. Eugenio Pacelli. Rare, Typed letter signed, 2 pages, on the ornate imprinted stationery Nunziatura Apostolica Baviera & Oggetto which contains the printed seal.  Monaco, li l Luglio, 1918. $2,500.00

In Her Day, She was a Combination of Martin L. King, Jr.,
Rosa Parks and Malcolm X all Rolled Up In One!
PLEASANT, Mary E.Very RARE partly printed check, signed: “M.E. Pleasant.”  Measures 7.75”x3”, San Francisco, California, June 3, 1876. Made out to “Cash” for $20.00.  Drawn on Donohoe, Kelly & Co. Bankers. SOLD

Very Scarce T.L.S. - A.L.S. of Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell
POWELL JR., Lewis F. Typed letter signed, one page on the imprinted letterhead of the Supreme Court of the United States, Chambers of Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr.  Dated February 21, 1981.  Typed letter signed “Lewis”  writing to Mrs. Peggy LeBaron, wife of Robert LeBaron. $150.00

POWELL JR., Lewis F. Typed letter signed, one page on the imprinted letterhead of the Supreme Court of the United States, Chambers of Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr.  Dated December 11, 1978 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert LeBaron. $65.00

Last Person to Serve as Supreme Court Justice Without Possessing a Law Degree
REED, Stanley Typed letter signed, one page on the letterhead of the Supreme Court of the United States,  January 30, 1957 to Harold W. Hensel.  Reed sends thanks for a 1884 (year of his birth) calendar just three weeks before his retirement.  In addition he sends a signature of the Chief Justice. $135.00

Last Person to Serve as Supreme Court Justice Without Possessing a Law Degree
REED, Stanley Fine engraved U.S. Supreme Court card boldly signed. Large signature. $85.00

The First Colored Member of the Senate
The First Colored Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
The First Colored Full Term Senator

REVELS, H(IRAM) R. & RAINEY, Joseph F. Choice signature: “H.R. Revels, Mississippi.” Very scarce autograph letter signed, one page, Washington, DC, Feb. 5, 1871 to Mr. John J. Brown, Jr.  Excellent content: “At your request I send you this autograph letter not believing that I am yet distinguished but simply to gratify your curiosity, Respectfully, J.F. Rainey.”Rainey was admitted to the U.S. House of Representatives on Dec. 12, 1871. Together with a portrait of both men, clipped from a magazine.  A rare combination of autographs. $1,250.00

Father of the Nuclear Navy
RICKOVER, Hyman George Very lengthy typed letter signed, 3 full pages on the imprinted letterhead of U.S.S. Henry L. Stimson. At Sea, N. Atlantic, 4 July 1966 to Mr. Morgan (US Congressman).  $550.00

Appointed Head of the Nazi Film Unit
RIEFENSTAHL, Leni Color photograph, 4”x6” boldly signed in blue ink on the lower white margin. Fine condition. $150.00

Important Appointment by Rommel to the Panzer Group
ROMMEL, E. Wonderful, important Christmas appointment of Frhr Constantin von Neurath, SS Specialist to be Commando of the Panzer Group in Africa. Dated 23 Dec. 1941.  Approved and boldly signed by Rommel.  Later on, von Neurath sent Hitler hair raising details from Sicily stating the people hated German troops.  $1,950.00

Two White Pioneers in the Founding of the NAACP
RUSSELL, Charle & VILLARD, Oswald Garrison A very scarce bold ink signature on a 3”x5” card which he dated Nov. 4, 1940. Choice. The two signatures  $125.00

Major General in the Continental Army
SCHUYLER, Philip Autograph letter signed, 2 full pages, Albany, N.Y., Oct. 9, 1804. In part: “The bearer has been with me... rent due on the farm originally leased to him. I am at present in bed with the gout and my daughter also in her bed... I have been in bed for 15 days past with much pain which shall continue severe, may you never have the gout but enjoy good health...”  In a six line postscript he asks for a bill for the work done to the farm.   $695.00

Rare letter from a Governor of a State that is no longer a State
SEVIER, John Manuscript document signed, one page, 8”x4”, North Carolina, 1 November 1782.  Sevier orders the Sheriff of Washington, No. Carolina to apprehend john Crockett so he can answer a complaint by Robert Crockett concerning damages of 500,000 pounds.  Very interesting association of names.  $2,500.00

Lengthy, two page Autograph Letter Signed by Samuel Sewall
SEWALL, Samuel Very lengthy autograph letter signed, two full pages, Marblehead, 15 March 1786. To Hon. W. Holten. Content regards legal matters against Col. Putnam and a judgement Sewall made and about the costs still due. He writes: “if Putman has deceived him, I am sorry for it-but do not conceive that the risque was, or ought to be mine- I say mine because what I did was within the consent of my client and I conceive myself answerable to him whether I get the money of Col. P, or not...” signed “Sam Sewall.” $475.00

Hitler's Favorite Commando
SKORZENY, Otto Choice signature (said to have been obtained during the Nuremberg trails) matted with a portrait of Skorzeny taken on the day he received the Knight’s Cross. SOLD
SOUTER, David Printed portrait of Justice Souter, head & shoulders posed dressed in his robes and smiling. Boldly signed on the lower white area. $65.00

John D. Sloat (1781-1867). US Naval Officer and Military Commander of California. Claimed California for the United States at the outbreak of the Mexican-American War (1846). Partly-printed Document Signed, being a receipt for pay, payable United States Navy Yard, New York, December 1, 1851, $254.58. Boldly Signed, "John D. Sloat". $295.00

Very Scarce A.L.S. with full Signature, Choice Autograph Authenticating a sketch of Adolf Hitler & commenting on C.O.A.’s
SPEER, Albert Autograph letter signed, one full page, dated 31.12.71. to a Florida autograph collector. $575.00

Minister of Armaments under Hitler and Donitz
SPEER, Albert Uncommon autograph letter signed on his name imprinted letterhead. Heidelberg, 24.VI.72.  To a collector in Virginia regarding an invitation for the collector to come to Speer’s home in a few months.   $350.00

STEVENS, John Paul
Typed letter signed, one page Supreme Court of the United States, Chambers of Justice John Paul Stevens, February 10, 1976.  He writes to Leon Moritz: “Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to send to you, but I do want you to know that I appreciate you taking the time to write me those two letters. I hope your health improves and that you retain your interest in the law. Sincerely yours, John Paul Stevens.”. $125.00

Rare Signature of Thomas Talbot
TALBOT, Thomas A very scarce three word sentiment and full signature on a card. Ample margins for framing, $175.00

Recipient of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize
Blessed TERESA of Calcutta Marvel Comic Book, Vol.#1, No.1, 1984 issue. This entire comic book is dedicated to Mother Teresa.  Signed: “M. Teresa mc” on the front cover above her portrait. SOLD
Original Religious Relic, 3rd Class, Mother Teresa
Blessed TERESA of Calcutta Holy Medal depicting a portrait of Mother Teresa on the front. On the verso, raised from the medal reads: “Ex Indumentis, Italy.”  Attached and protected is a piece of white cloth that Mother Teresa touched.  Together with an original Invitation to attend her Beatification conducted by pope john Paul II in the Piazza San Pietro, Rome on 19 October 2003. $85.00

THOMAS, Clarence
Partly printed portrait, 6”x9”, B&W, head and shoulders pose dressed in his robes. Very boldly signed on the lower white margin. $57.50
William Tilghman (1854-1924). American frontiersman, gunslinger,
U.S. Marshall, Deputy Sheriff under Bat Masterson. Part owner of the famed Crystal Palace in Dodge City. Only Major Lawman from the Old West Shot & Killed in the Line of Duty. Rare Autograph Letter Signed, as Sheriff, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, d. March 30, 1903, to his second wife. $5,500.00

World Famous Expert on Maps
TOOLEY, R.V. Autograph letter signed, two very full pages, on his name imprinted letterhead. Dated 7/5/86 just 100 days before his passing. $85.00

Famous U Boat Commander- Sunk the First American War Ship
Phenomenal Content Regarding the Sinking of the First American War Ship

TOPP, Eric Very scarce autograph letter signed on the Hotel Inter*Continental Manila stationery.  Bonn, 22.2.77 to Dear Mr. Wayne Koch. With original envelope hand addressed by Topp including his signature and return address. $450.00

America's Eccentric Presidential Candidate
TRAIN, George Francis Most unusual autograph letter signed, 156 Madison Avenue, new York, April 16, 1890. $375.00

Physician to "The Elephant Man"
Founder of the British Red Cross Society

TREVES, Sir Frederick Autograph letter signed, one very full page, dated March 30,1919 to Lord Sudley.  Treves writes in part: “...I am very much obliged to you for so kindly sending me a copy of the debate in the House of Lords. It was a most interesting discussion and I must congratulate you, not only for your very fine speech, but also upon the success of your motion...I was sorry to hear...that you had had some very troublesome  attacks in the winter.  I trust they have now passed off.  We have got back to this house, after many difficulties, and are hardly yet settled in. Things are still very trying and improvement is very slow.” $395.00 <

Documents Signed by William Marcy "Boss" Tweed
And By two members of the Infamous "Tweed Ring"
Which Bilked New York City Out of Tens of
Millions of Dollars Between the Years 1865-1871

TWEED, William Marcy “Boss" Fascinating partly printed document signed as Street Commissioner of Lamps and Gas, The City of New York, December 10, 1868 issued to A & G Brandon. $350.00

Attractive partly printed document signed. Bank check on the First National Bank, Louisa, KY made payable to Chestnut Farms for seventy dollars and twenty cents. Signed in full as Chief Justice of the United States. $195.00

Extremely RARE Underworld Mobster Signature
VIZZINI, Sal His book: The Secret Lives of America’s Most Successful Undercover Agent Vizzini.  Arbor House, 1972, First Edition.  Three hundred thirty pages, In fine plus condition with the original dust jacket in a protective cover,  Inscribed, signed and dated on the front free endpaper: “To Chris, a great guy and a true friend-Best to you and your lovely wife- Sal Vizzini 12/5/72.”. $599.00

Rommel’s Top Panzer General
VON MANTEUFFEL, Hasso Christmas/New Years Greeting Card bearing his typewritten message dated 12-12-1973. He writes that he was in the USA in Maryland and Pennsylvania and he found a heap of mail when he cam back...sends best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Excellent ink signature. $150.00

Rommel’s Top Panzer General
VON MANTEUFFEL, Hasso His visiting card bearing his printed name, rank, address and phone number. Hand signed with a blue ink pen. $150.00

Henry Wade of Roe v. Wade
WADE, Henry Copy of the Affidavit of The State of Texas vs. Lee Harvey Oswald for Murder. Henry Wade as District Attorney, Dallas County, Texas.  Stamped: Official Photoreproduction from Dallas Municipal Archives.  Hand signed by Henry Wade adding the date “12 July 93” $175.00

WARREN, Earl Photograph, 8”x10”, B&W, by the noted photographer Harris & Ewing. Head and shoulders pose, full face, notation on the verso states taken 6/29/48 as the Vice-Presidential candidate. Inscribed and signed on the clear portion of the background. $395.00
Booker T. Washington (1856-1915). American Educator & African American Civil Rights Leader; Establish the Tuskeegee Institute (1881), a teaching college for blacks. Bold Signature trimmed from a letter. $295.00

WATERGATE  SCANDAL Outstanding collection of many of the major players of the criminal act of breaking in and bugging the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. regarding the 1972 Presidential campaign. $475.00

WEBSTER, Daniel Autograph letter signed, on page, Jan. 1838.  Webster writes in part: “I will be able to answer your inquiry in your letter. Perhaps I may be obliged to write to friends in Boston. Meantime, I send you a note addressed to me on the subject of my colleagues...” $350.00

WELLINGTON, Arthur Wellesley Front panel of a free franked cover with holograph address, postmarked April/26/37.  Boldly signed “Free, Wellington.”  Red wax seal on verso. $175.00

WHITE, Byron Unused FDC commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Signed in full. $55.00

Associate Justice to be promoted to Chief Justice
Signed Seven Weeks before His Death

WHITE, Edward D. Fabulous signature on a large card adding “Washington March 29, 1921” by his hand. Signed as Chief Justice and just several weeks before his death. $175.00

Discoverer of the Carlsbad Caverns
WHITE, James Larkin His book: Jim White’s Own Story, The Discovery and History of Carlsbad Caverns.  Wrappers, 1932, heavily illustrated. Title page has a portrait of Jim White. Signed by “Jim White” at the bottom of the title page $295.00

Letter Refers to the New York Fire of 1838
WOODBURY, Levi Partly printed document signed, one page, Jan. 3, 1840 to the Commissioners of New York referring to certain goods destroyed by fire…in the City of New York.  Orders the claim of $181.07 be paid to Buloid & Caswell. Signed in full as Secretary of Treasury. $125.00

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