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Unique American Flag that once Flew Over the Nation’s Capitol.
Hand Signed by the First President of the United States to Resign
and the next President who Pardoned Him

NIXON, Richard and Gerald R. Ford.  American Flag, boldly signed “in person” by Richard Nixon (December 20, 1990) and by Gerald R. Ford ( a few months later). Together with a typed letter signed from J. George Stewart, Architect of the Capitol, July 24, 1964 to Congressman Peter W. Rodino, Jr. (New Jersey) certifying that the accompanying flag flew over the U.S. Capitol and the flag will be presented to Mr. Jerry Sassone of Newark, New Jersey. Also included is a letter from Congressman Rodino, Jr. dated July 28, 1964, presenting this flag to Jerry Sassone. (Both letters have some water staining along the top but not affecting the text or signatures.   Peter Rodino, Jr. chaired the 22 member House Judiciary Committee whose decision to bring impeachment to a House vote that prompted Nixon’s resignation.   The signing on this flag comes with the following story. On Thursday, December 20, 1990 I spent some time with my friend former President Richard Nixon in his office at Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.  Towards the end of the afternoon he was ready to leave his office and go home. I asked him if we could walk down together as I had a large American Flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol that I wanted him to autograph.  We went downstairs and walked over to my car. We spread the flag over the hood of my car making it easy for him to sign.  Nixon placed his briefcase on the ground and I handed him a Sharpie pen.  Nixon had some difficulty starting his signature as the pen would grab the material. After having trouble starting the “R” in Richard the rest of the signature went well as he realized he didn’t need to use that much pressure on the pen to sign the flag.  In person, Nixon was very generous with his autograph but on this day this was the only item I asked him to autograph.  I put the flag in my car and we both walked over to his own car which his driver was warming up on that cold New Jersey winter afternoon. As they drove away, Nixon looked out his window and waved.  I walked back to my car and in astonishment realized Nixon left his briefcase next to my car.   I knew Nixon would not be back in his office until Monday so I put his briefcase in my car.  I kept his briefcase in my office for the next three days.  What a temptation it was to open that case and see what a former president  of the United States carries.  I never did!  On Monday, I drove back to Nixon’s office which was only about a thirty-five minute drive from my home.  I can still remember the smile on his face when he saw that briefcase come through his door.  At that point I asked Nixon for a special favor. I had with me 8 copies of his full pardon that Gerald R. Ford previously signed for me. I asked Nixon to autograph the pardons below Ford’s signature. Without hesitation, Nixon picked up his own pen and started signing. He signed 6 of the pardon’s and put his pen down.

This flag, signed by both presidents is most likely unique. It has been properly folded and placed in a special frame made for flags.  A brass plaque has been affixed to the frame  indicating the flag flew over the U.S. Capitol and that it is signed by both Nixon and Ford..  Nixon will always be remembered as the first U.S. President to resign the presidency and Ford will be remembered for pardoning Nixon.  A most desirable and historic collectible worthy of placement in a museum or in an extraordinary presidential autograph collection $4,500.00

Exceedingly Rare Signature of John Brallier
First Confessed Paid Professional Football Player

BRALLIER, John Kinport  (1876-1960).  The first professional football team to be recognized as such played in the township of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. It was sponsored by the local YMCA. Latrobe made its debut on August 31, 1895.
Dave Berry, manager of the Latrobe YMCA Team was searching for a quarterback for the opening game against the Jeanette Athletic Club.  John Brallier, a local high school star, about to enter college was asked to be the quarterback. He declined.  The manager decided to offer Brallier $10.00 plus expenses.  This threw a different light on the proposition, for in those days $10.00 was considered a large sum of money.  Brallier agreed to the terms and signed the first professional football contract.  Thus pro football was born and history was made.
Latrobe defeated Jeanette  12-0. In 1904 Canton traveled  to Latrobe to play what was once the best team in Pennsylvania. When Latrobe kicked off to open the second half of a scoreless game, a botched play on the return resulted in a fumble at the Canton five yard line. A Latrobe player recovered the ball and ran it for a touchdown. John Brallier kicked for the extra point and Latrobe won 6-0.
Brallier had 4X undefeated seasons, 1902,03,04 and 05.
Brallier finished his career in 1907 and was considered one of the best players of his era.
Latrobe was recognized by the NFL as the Birthplace of Professional Football.
Brallier died without seeing the realization of the “Pro Football Hall of Fame” in Latrobe. He was on the original committee which began the movement in 1946. Brallier was the last member of the first professional football team. In recognition of his distinction as the first paid football player he had been awarded the “No.1” lifetime season ticket by the National Football League, which was good for admission to any league game in the nation.
In 1979, John Brallier was voted one of the “Best Pros Not in the Hall of Fame” by the Pro Football Researchers Association.
EXTREMELY RARE, full signature on a card, “Dr. Jno K. Brallier” adding “Latrobe, Penna” in his hand..  On the verso he has written: “1st Pro. Football team Latrobe, PA. 1895”.
Together with a portrait of john Brallier and a sealed set of “Birth of Pro Football” cards.  This is a thirty card set, printed in 1983. John Brallier is on card #1,2,3,4,, possibly on card 5, 6, and 7 and also on card twenty.
An extraordinary collection worthy of placement is a sports museum $3,750.00

1,478 +++ Victories

LUFTWAFFE ACES.  An Ace is a fighter pilot who has shot down 5 or more enemy planes.  Large porcelain Luftwaffe serving platter. Produced by Bauscher, Weiden with their mark/seal on the verso, dated 1937.  The German Eagle over a Swastika is above the maker’s mark.  Hand signed by 24 German Aces with a total of over 1, 278 victories.  All autographs on this platter were obtained in person by Stephen Koschal during the mid 1990's.  The autographs were obtained at the Luftwaffe reunions in Rudesheim, Germany.  Photograph of Steve Koschal with Adolf Galland the day he signed this platter. All those signing were quite happy to sign and many were excited to see the verso of this platter. According to Gerhard Schoepfel this platter brought back many memories and he asked to have his picture taken with the platter. Those who have signed this platter are:
Ernest Scheufele      18 victories
Gerhard Walter           8 v
Gunther Barr             37 v
Julius Meimberg       53 v
Walter Schuck         206 v
Heinz Lange              70 v
Gerhard Schoepfel    40 v
Hans-Joachim Jabs  50 v
Arthur Gartner           26 v
Hajo Hermann             9 v
Walter Krupinski     197 v
Eduard Neumann       13 v
Guenther Rall           275 v
Martin Drewes            52 v
Adolf Galland            104 v
Wolf-Dietrich Huy       40 v
Willie Reschke           26 v
Wolfgang Falck            8 v
Martin “Tino” Becker 31 v
Guenther Seeger          56 v
Walter Loos                 38 v
Heinz Marquardt        121 v

All autographs in excellent condition as well as the platter. A wonderful collectible for display and most likely one of a kind $1,900.00

Amazing 18th Century Vatican Reliquary
Containing Relics of Catholic Saints, Martyrs, Bishops, etc.

This extremely ornate reliquary is enclosed in a shadow box and measures approximately 20”x14.5”x2”.  It takes the shape of an alter of eight columns with a Greek styled roof.  The columns, roof and base are lined in a gold foil. This reliquary contains actual pieces of bones, first class relics across the top and on top of the columns and in between the columns.  Each bone is identified on a small slip.  At the top left, just below the roof starts the relics for the months of January and February. There is a relic for each day of the month.  The first column on the left is for the month of March.  Thirty one relics, one for each day of the month are attached. All the additional months follow to the right and across the bottom of the alter.  This reliquary contains a total of 377 relics each identified by name and day and month of the year.  In the very center of this reliquary is a sliver of wood in the shape of a cross. This wood is what the Vatican believes is from the true cross that Christ was crucified.  At one time during the 1970’s this reliquary was shown to Monseigneur Mulligan from St. Henry’s Cathedral in Bayonne, New Jersey. Upon seeing this reliquary, the Monseigneur got down on his knees and wept.

This reliquary was purchased directly from noted autograph/antique dealer Robert L. White of Baltimore.  White handled many first class relics during his career and stated this was the most ornate reliquary holding a record amount of relics he has seen.  Robert stated he purchased this reliquary from a noted antique dealer named Bragaw.

This reliquary has a wooden back. A signature on the back reads “Rev. P. Bonaventria”. In addition in two places there is a number “4”. Once it’s written very boldly in pencil and once again the number “4” is written of a very old paper label.  Near the center of the back is a wooden trap type door which is behind the wooden cross.  Two very old wax seals, one above the box and one below have two red pieces of string which goes over the box to indicate the cross was not tampered with.  Robert White did some research and he believed only four of these relics were made, this being number 4.  Number one may be in the Vatican.  Considering the age which is estimated to be late 18th Century, this reliquary is in very good condition $77,500.00

John Wayne Gacy’s Most Famous Painting

GACY, John Wayne  (1942-May 10, 1994).  American serial killer who is also known as the “Killer Clown”. He was convicted of sexual assault and murder of at least 33 teenage boys and young men.  The killings took place between 1972 and 1978 in the Chicago area.  Twenty-six of Gacy’s victims were buried in a crawl space under his home.  Three others were buried on his property and the last four were dumped in the Des Plains River.  Gacy was convicted of the 33 murders and sentenced to death for 12 of them. He spent 14 years on death row before being executed by lethal injection.

Gacy’s first murder took place on January 2, 1972 during President Richard Nixon’s first term. Three days later, on January 5, 1972 Nixon entered his name on the New Hampshire primary ballot announcing his candidacy for reelection.  He was reelected on November 7, 1972 in one of the largest landslides in American history.  In January 1972, Gacy killed his second victim just 7 months before Richard Nixon’s resignation.

Oil painting titles “Baseball Hall of Fame” in Gacy’s handwriting on the verso. Gacy has signed his name “John W. Gacy” and identified the painting as “Oil #1014”.  At the top of the verso, Gacy has handwritten: “I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I enjoyed doing it. John Wayne Gacy 1990”.

This painting is on a Fredrix canvas panel measuring 16”x20”.  The painting is Gacy’s version of the Baseball Hall of Fame logo in red, white and blue paint.  Around the logo, 46 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame have hand signed this painting.  Some of those who have signed are: Al Lopez, Rod Carew, Joe Morgan, Jim Palmer, Johnny Mize, Yogi Berra, Jim Catfish Hunter, Rick Ferrell, Robin Roberts, Enos Slaughter, Monte Irvin, Bob Feller, Brooks Robinson, Al Barlick, Warren Spahn, Eddie Matthews, Johnny Bench, Ralph Kiner, Harmon Killebrew, Red Schoendienst, Luis Aparicio, Ferguson Jenkins, Willie Stargell, Frank Robinson, Duke Snider, Juan Marichal, Lou Brock, Ernie Banks, Luke Appling, Buck Leonard, Stan Musial, Carl Yastrzemski, Sandy Koufax,  Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and Roy Campanella.  At the bottom right corner of the painting is a blood red signature of the artist, J.W. Gacy.  To the left of Gacy’s signature is a bold large blue Sharpie signature of Richard Nixon. Nixon has dated his signature “9/7/90”.

The painting is in fine condition with just three signatures slightly light but completely readable.  Every signature guaranteed 100% GENUINE a they were all acquired “in person”.  Worthy of placement in a museum $12,500.00

A Marie Curie Collection

CURIE, Marie  (1867-1934). The most famous female scientist in history. She worked with her husband Pierre Curie at the School of Physics and Chemistry in Paris. She discovered radium and polonium. She worked on the new discovery of radioactivity. She was awarded the 1911 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for her work on radium.
Her biography of her distinguished husband:  Pierre Curie.  Translated by Charlotte and Vernon Kellogg. Blue boards, cloth back, New York, 1923, First U.S. Edition.  Limited to ONLY 100 numbered copies, signed. This copy being number 40.
Nice, V/G copy in a custom made slipcase. Ex-Library copy with only one small library stamp on the front free endpaper and remnants of glue discoloration on the rear endpaper from removal of a library pocket. In addition is an ink gift inscription and two former owners signatures on the same front free endpaper.
Together with a solid lead ingot from the Radium Institute in Paris where Marie Curie worked in her laboratory. This ingot measures appx: 1.5”x2”x4” and weighs several pounds. These lead ingots were melted down and used by Marie Curie to help protect herself from radioactive waves. The ingot is currently wrapped in tin foil.
Also included in this collection is a limited edition card, printed in color, 8.5”x11”. A picture of Marie Curie standing outside her Institute of Radium and a color illustration of the front of the Institute in Paris. A nice printed biography of Marie Curie is printed on the card. These cards were printed in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies hand signed by Stephen Koschal the creator.  Each card contains pieces of brick from the Laboratory/Institute of Radium. A very attractive card for framing.  The collection $4,500.00

Original Piece of Goal Post Signed by Knute K. Rockne

ROCKNE, Knute K.  (1888-1931).  American football player and coach at the University of Notre Dame. Regarded as one of the greatest coaches in college football history.  Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.  Original piece of the goal post from the Nov.13, 1926 Notre Dame/Army game played at Yankee stadium.  In this game, the Fighting Irish handed the cadets their first defeat. Autographed by Knute K. Rockne.   On the other side of the piece of goal post is written “N.D. 7 -  Army 0, 11/13/26.”  Wood measures appx: 1”x3”.  Together with a handwritten letter from the woman who I purchased this relic. The original envelope is enclosed postmarked 8 April 1994.  She writes in part: “This is an authentic autograph of football coach Knute Rockne on a piece of the goal post from the Notre Dame/Navy game as indicated. These little mementoes were given to each girl attending the Victory Dance over Navy. As I was dating one of the players at that time, I had been to the dance and had the privilege of meeting the great Knute Rockne. He was truly a wonderful person…”  Included is the original Notre Dame button Mrs. Burns wore to the game.  After I received the letter from Mrs. Burns, I called her on the phone and asked her why she wrote “Navy” instead of “Army.”  Her explanation was that game was almost 70 years ago and she just mis-wrote the team.  This signed goal post is one of only two we had from that game. Her girl friend also sold us one at the same time.  That one we sold years ago. This one has remained in my personal collection since 1994. $3,900.00

Extremely RARE Movie Poster for Stephen King’s
Horror Anthology CREEPSHOW

KING, Stephen  (1947-      )  American author of contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction and fantasy.  His books sold more than 350 million copies. He published 55 novels and written almost 200 short stories. He is the winner of numerous awards.  CREEPSHOW  was based on a short-story work which includes five tales of horror inspired by the series of E.C. Comics in the 1950’s.  CREEPSHOW  is a 1982 horror anthology where Stephen King not only wrote the original screenplay but also starred in the movie.Original movie poster for CREEPSHOW measures appx. 27”x42”, printed in color. Very boldly signed by Stephen King along the bottom white margin.  In nearly fine condition except for one small tear on left margin, barely worth mentioning. A magnificent item for framing. $1,500.00

Two Rare Signatures
The First Colored Member of the Senate
The First Colored Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

REVELS, H(IRAM) R.  (1822-1901).  First colored U.S. Senator, elected in 1870 in Mississippi.  Popular Minister in the North.  Organized the first colored regiment in Maryland and Missouri.  He accompanied the Missouri Regiment as a Chaplin to Vicksburg.  Choice signature: “H.R. Revels, Mississippi.”.

RAINEY, Joseph F.
  (1832-1937). First colored member of Congress. Very scarce autograph letter signed, one page, Washington, DC, Feb. 5, 1871 to Mr. John J. Brown, Jr.  Excellent content: “At your request I send you this autograph letter not believing that I am yet distinguished but simply to gratify your curiosity, Respectfully, J.F. Rainey.”
Rainey was admitted to the U.S. House of Representatives on Dec. 12, 1871. Together with a portrait of both men, clipped from a magazine.  A rare combination of autographs. $1,250.00

Apache Chief - Known For His Guerilla Warfare

GERONIMO. (1829-1909).  Chiricahua Apache Chief famous for his guerilla warfare in resistance to reservation life.  He gained the status of legend for decades of his defense for his native land against the United States government.  Geronimo surrendered to General Nelson A. Miles at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona on September 4, 1886. After years of imprisonment, followed by military confinement, Geronimo became a celebrity appearing at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis where he sold his autograph to curiosity seekers. He appeared in Theodore Roosevelt’s 1905 Inaugural Parade.  He dictated his autobiography.  He died of pneumonia at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  Scarce, extremely bold signature on a portion of a cream colored card.  Geronimo’s genuine signatures are amongst the most elusive and desirable signatures from the old west. $5,900.00

Joan River Highlights 60+ Autographs Of Female Broadway Stars

NOTHING LIKE A DAME, 2000.  Poster, measuring appx. 16”x24” to Benefit The Phyllis Newman Woman’s Health Initiative Of The Actors’ Fund Of America/Produced By Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids.  Monday, March 6 (2000)  8PM, Richard Rodgers, 226 West 46th St. (NYC).  All Singing, All Dancing, All Talking Women.

Over 60 women who participated in this Broadway Production have signed this poster. To name a few,  Phyllis Newman, Florence Henderson (The Girl Who Came To Supper), Sandy Duncan ((Chicago), Rosemary Harris (Nothing Like A Dame), Heather Headley (Aida), Nancy Opel (Triumph of Love), Melisa Enrico (High Society), Caitlin Carter (Swing), Dee Hoty (Played Donna in Mamma Mia), Rita Moreno (West Side Story, film version and Nothing Like a Dame) and a fabulous signature of Joan Rivers (Fun City 1972, Broadway Bound and Sally Maar).  Presently the poster is framed but will be sold and shipped unframed. In excellent condition. $235.00


THE BEATLES. George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Their fantastic and colorful album “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.”  Capitol Records, 1978.  Hand signed by Harrison, McCartney and Starr on the record. Record comes complete with the record cover.  Album in excellent condition, cover shows light wear. Together with a one page handwritten letter of provenance from long time and well known “in person” collector Pete Connolly. Pete writes about obtaining each autograph, the place and date each signature was obtained. We purchased this album in the mid-90’s directly from Pete Connolly. A modern rarity $4,950.00

Jimmy Carter and Saint, Pope John Paul II

CARTER, Jimmy (1924-   ) 34th President of the United States
JOHN PAUL II, Pope (1920-2005). Pope from 1978-2005. Blazed the fastest path to Sainthood in the History of the Catholic Church. His canonization was held April 27, 2014.

Official Program for The White House in honor of the visit of the new Pope.

Booklet/program with a large gold embossed seal of The President of the United States on the front cover. The title page states: “The President and Mrs. Carter Welcome You To The White House On The Occasion Of The Visit Of His Holiness John Paul II”.  Saturday, October 6, 1979. Turn the page and it is hand signed by Joannes Paulus PPII and a full signature of Jimmy Carter.

Printed on the next page: “Remarks by THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES - HIS HOLINESS JOHN PAUL II”.  Selection by the United States Marine Band.

Pencil notations on the back of this page read: “Pope John Paul at first did not sign autographs however after his remarks and when the band stopped playing he began to sign these programs for several dignitaries. I estimate he signed 15-20 programs. President Carter signed many more. B.A.” Below in pencil: Purchased at New York U.A.C.C. show from autograph dealer Paul Hartunian, Stephen Koschal, Verona, N.J.” In very fine condition.
Together with Rosary Beads, that appear to glow in the dark. Contained in a packet labeled  “This Rosary Has been Blessed For You By The Holy Father Pope John Paul II, July 28, 2002 - Toronto, Canada”. There is a picture of Pope John Paul with his hand raised as in a blessing.  Created for “World Youth Day, Toronto, Canada, 2002”. In excellent condition. $2,750.00

Captain of the Carpathia
Saved the Lives of 700 Titanic Passengers

ROSTRON, Arthur Henry (1869- ?).   Captain of the Carpathia, who received the Titanic’s distress signal on the night of April 14, 1912.  Although he was 60 miles away, he immediately set course for the Titanic braving dangerous ice fields and running the risk of damaging or even sinking his own ship. The result was he saved the lives of over 700 persons.  Readers of the New York Times gave him an award of $10,000.00 and he was showered with honors/ He was awarded the Medal of Honor by Congress and it was presented to him by President Taft. During 1914 he took command of the Lusitania and in 1926 was created a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.  In 1931 he wrote his life story Home From The Sea.
Autograph letter signed, one side and signed once again on the verso. Piece of lined paper measuring appx. 3”x6”:  “Montreal, 7/8/14, Dear Sir, Overside, I sign as you wished. Have been extra busy. Best Wished, Yours truly, A.H.R.”  On the verso Rostron has signed  with the finest full signature one can imagine. For those who would think of it, the page could be trimmed so that one could end up with the closing of the letter signed with initials from one side and the other with a full signature. The letter has one punch hole barely touching the word “extra” and some burn marks from a fire not touching any of the writing. Together with this letter is a Underwood & Underwood magazine photo of Captain Rostron and also several original newspaper articles regarding the Titanic sinking and about a painting sold by Frank Millet who was lost on the Titanic.  This letter of Rostron is extremely rare and may be the only letter ever offered containing two signatures $2,950.00

RARE, Two Virgins Album Signed by
John Lennon and Yoko Ono

LENNON, John (1940-1980) and Yoko Ono(1933-   ) Their album Two Virgins.  Apple Records, May 1968.  The record is contained in the RARE  album cover. Boldly inscribed by John Lennon on the album cover, the side which depicts him and Yoko Ono in full frontal nudity. Lennon writes: “To Jule love John Lennon”.  Yoko has added, using the same collector’s pen: “and Yoko Ono NYC 77”.  Also present is the album cover jacket which was issued to cover the nude photos of this famous couple. This highly prized collectible comes with a full page handwritten letter of authenticity from one of the most noted “in person” collectors of musical autographs. His name is Pete Connolly of New York.  Pete, is one of the original “in person” collectors who is very well known in the hobby amongst his peers. He is the collector who supplied many of the legitimate galleries with guitars and other musical instruments signed by many of the rock and roll notables. Many of the Stars know Pete by his first name. Pete’s handwritten letter  of authentication and original envelope comes together with this album.  Pete writes: “John Lennon & Yoko Ono-2 Virgins. This album was obtained in person by myself on Oct. 9, 1977 outside The Tavern On The Green Restaurant in New York for a birthday party for John and his 2 year old son Sean. John was holding something in his hand so he scrawled his inscription and signature ‘To Jule’ which he has done on other occasions for other autograph seekers. Jule may be his way of love for his son Julian or one can use their imagination especially in the case of John. Shortly afterwards Yoko signed: “Yoko Lennon NYC 77”.  I certify that the above is a true statement and both autographs were obtained at that time, place and date and are genuine and signed in front of me.  Sincerely, Pete Connolly.”  The record and album cover are in fine condition. The album jacket shows a little wear. A remarkable collectible. $9,500.00

Uninscribed First Edition, Walt Disney Biography

DISNEY, Walt (1901-1966). American cartoon artist, producer of animated films and film studio founder. The Story of Walt Disney by Diane Disney Miller. Henry Holt & Co. 1957, First Edition. Hardcover with dust jacket. Beautifully signed on the half title page, "Best wishes, Walt Disney." In fine condition, a bright clean copy,  with light wear to the dust jacket. Bookplate affixed to inside the front cover with the written name "Jerry Lewis." The signature of Walt Disney is exceptionally large. Contained in a custom made protective box. $4,950.00

Inscribed to the President of Israel by Yaacov Agam, the Most Noted Israeli Artist

AGAM, Yaakov (1928 - ) Most noted Israeli artist born May 11, 1928 in Rishon, LeZion, then mandate Palestine.  Agam trained at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem before moving to Zurich, Switzerland in 1949.  In 1951 Agam moved to Paris, France where he lives today. He is a world-renowned kinetic artist. He had several gallery and museum exhibitions. Numerous works by Agam have sold at auction including the sale of “New Israel Design” at Sotheby’s in 2010 for $698,500.  Also Agam is noted for his “Star of Love” silver medal (1978) where the Star of David changes shape as the medal is rotated. This popular medal commemorates Israel’s 30th Anniversary.  Agam was voted 195th greatest Israeli of all time. Agam is called one of the most important living artists of our time.

NAVON, Yitzhak, (1921 - ) Served as the 5th President of Israel. He served from 1978 through 1982. He was the first Israeli President to be born in Jerusalem. In 2005 he was voted the 108th greatest Israeli of all time.

Agam’s book: Hommage To Agam - Xxe Siecle,  1980, Printed  in France in French. Plates captions both in French and English.  Book also contains two original color lithographs by Agam.  159 pages, heavily illustrated. Hardcover. Very boldly inscribed to the 5th President of Israel. “To the President of Israel and Mrs. Navon, Agam, 30.7.1981”.  Agam has artistically drawn the Star of David which is incorporated in his initial “A” in Agam.  Most unusual and a choice association item between the great Israeli artist and the President of Israel. Certainly one of a kind. $395.

One of a Kind

POLK, Sarah  (1803-1891).  First Lady, widow of President James K. Polk.  Free frank signature “Free Sarah Polk”, on a mourning envelope addressed in her hand to Maj. Wm. H. Polk, Columbia, Tennessee. A dark ink hand stamp at left corner “Nashville, TN, Aug.11” and “Free” handstamp.  Intact black wax seal on verso. Collector’s note along front left corner of the cover.

Major William H. Polk (1815-1862) was an American politician and brother of James K. Polk. He was admitted to the bar in 1939. He served as Minister to the Kingdom of the two Sicilies (present day Italy). He was Major of the Third Dragoons in the Mexican American War (1847-1848). President Polk died on June 15, 1849, just four months after leaving the Executive Mansion. This cover was signed just two months later.

An auction description in December 2008 stated: "her Franks on Intact covers are extremely rare. There are only three recorded and only one being on a mourning envelope”.  All three were signed Mrs. J.K. Polk.  The cover offered here is said to be the only known cover signed as “Sarah Polk”



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